Crawling in my skin

I feel a burning pain in my jaw. It threatens and taunts me. It moves up onto my face and ear. Then it pierces and burns until I scream at the top of my lungs. Then, it crawls to my spine or goes into my eyeballs.

When did this start happening?

Linkin Park.

A few weeks ago while on my way to pick up food for a delivery, I had the radio on. I was flipping back and forth between stations until I landed on

Linkin Park Channel.

I love Linkin Park. Linkin Park is an American Rock Band.

Check them out at:

The lead singer Chester Bennington mostly sung about suffering. Relatable suffering but crawling in my skin was not quite familiar too me.

I thought about that as I drove the $70 per day rental car. It bothers me because something has been tormenting me for years and I know it involves witchhcraft.

I have been choked, raped, abused and persecuted.

This animal, alien entity controlled by the government made me piss on myself 15 minutes ago. Before the embarrassment, they say make her run to the bathroom, whoops she’s a dog, make her dance first.

It is funny to exploit a person who has no family nor place to live or simply because the person is talented and jealousy is worth to suffer for?

Chester Bennington was found dead on July 20, 2017. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging.

Inside the blue chevy I questioned why his suicide was not investigated as murder.

A few days afterward, I saw the entity attached to my head, it is a light brown skinned bitter manish unapologetic animal. It has a big head and small feet and talks to me. It says it feels no remorse because he was changed to this.

My only understanding here is that this thing is showing me illusions, causing me piercing flaming pain and keeping my money, fame amd family from me because he slept with satan in another dimension.

He and a few other entities attached on me not only spy but tells the strangers out in public controlling them, what my daily plans and thoughts are.

Those strangers being either a hired witch, wizard or contracted government official.

I had never felt something crawl on me, inside my skin before, but they are. And after crawling in my skin because they told me not to buy coffee or hot chocolate and I did, they tried to kill me in the drive thru at Starbucks.

Then he conversationally mentioned, “Well, you wanted to know what he meant by crawling in his skin.” (Referring to my thoughts about Chester and if there was something really crawling or if it were just a metaphor he was using).

I never talked with this entity, he was just in my pineal gland at the time spying in my thoughts to haunt me.

Because our experiences are similar, I am led to believe that this is a stage in either a government program or with Satan or God.

But, God is love.

So, if they are being controlled and caused to torment a person to suicide, that means that the controller is a murderer.

Therefore, it isn’t suicide, but homicide.

Who is investigating his case?

Then one say I traveled from Utah to Idaho, just to get away from the attacks I was receiving. I was tired of sleeping in hotel rooms and getting spiritually raped by plain clothes cops I came into contact with. I was tired of hearing don’t worry she can’t feel it. And, give me her money.

I can feel it and I can see and hear them.

I watched a 1988 film about Jesus. The Last Temptation of Christ gives a different story. When he was crucified, he flew out of his head and lived a human life before ressurection.

But in the begginning when he was just a carpenter, he described an entity crawling in his head and giving him symptoms.

He said it must be God because satan is attacking him.

I needed that movie. I was eyes glued to the tv, mouth wide open.

Thank you Jesus and I am so sorry. I love you Jesus.

He answered my puzzlement and I am still baffled.

God has great things for me.


Who is investigating all of the suicides that there masked?

Are these people really dead or did they move on like Jesus did in the movie, and allowed their other half to suffer?

A red lobsterous demon is attacking me too. Alien gang members also. And when I listen to them, I still get attacked.

They actually have conversations about wanting to punk me to see me cry and then deleting the tapes so noone can see it.

They make me have accidents like banging my forehead on a shelf or missing a step. One of them just blew on my foot and said if I were you I won’t use the bathroom. I rebuked him in Jesus name. Then I pissed myself again. He said she’s scared. I ran into the hall of the hotel where I am staying. Minutes ago they said just kill her.

I felt it jump on my head, saw its sharp teeth and felt a burn on my ass as I sat on the toilet.

In the hall I keep catching apparitions in my sight before they disappear.

They are hitman murderers.

But who is ordering them?

They killed Jesus.

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