The government project

I do not know how old I am. I do not know the time, month or year.

The year I was born is 1983.

I have not seen my face, nor my family in a very long time.

I am considered to be homeless, and “rumored” to be ill by an army officials doing.

(Don’t give them any power, don’t give them any power.)

Apparently, the lie that has been told to my real family is that I am on vacation with my boyfriend having a fun time shirking my motherly duties.

I do not have a boyfriend in this existence.

I am a former substitute teacher who has traveled around the U.S. in half fright for escape and opportunity.

I have been trapped and murdered more than once.

It appeared as of the clocks were changed on me a few days ago. I figured out what that meant long ago. First it was 11:30am, then five minutes later it was 12:30pm.

It means someone is using my other half and traveled an hour outside the time zone where I am located.

My profile picture shows my real face.

The picture I am posting here shows the face of a white man in the military using witchcraft and other devices to control me for my power. It’s clearly shows his face on top of mine, and alien aircraft planted in my third eye. That’s what they usually do, or land it in my pineal gland and threaten me for fighting back.

I have seen this man in person at the store I visited long ago. That was when I was able to see my kids and family. Before they decided to make me their Henrietta Lacks. The clown. The prostitute. Their fuck toy.

But, this guy, his face was rememberable. He is about 6 feet, had on army fatigue at the time and apparently is not human.

There are alot of non-human serpents that work for the government walking around and attacking innocent people.

They land their alien ships in my chakras where I am powerful. That way they can record, take photos and monitor me. They want to know my every thought.

I was born a judge in holy spirit. I am blessed.

They like making comments about my naked body. I can hear them sometimes.

Do you beleive in aliens?

The government does, in fact, there are tons of cases you can find on their website showing so.

If you say you saw an alien and a government official or doctor calls you crazy, respond the government must be equally crazy because they promote it on website.

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