This is when I use to see my face. Here is what I look like.

In this photo you see a 13, 14 year old teenager sitting next to her best friend and neighbor.

I am the girl on the left (obviously). My name is Danielle Radford.

The blouse I am wearing belongs to an older sibling. How could I forget that blouse? That blouse had a nightmarish memory attached to it.

I was on a second date with my “soon to be boyfriend”. He was cambodian, tall, and new that he was handsome. That night we made out in his room.

I recall that day.

I spent hours straightening my hair for our night out. I straightened it so much that it had a burnt smell to it.

My family to my knowledge at the time was not wealthy. I was always wearing someone elses clothes because I did not have nice clothes of my own.

I grabbed my sister’s blouse from the laundry and hand washed it with detergent.

Throughout the night he kept telling me that my shirt smelled nice.

I said thanks.

In his father’s truck on the way to the local store he mentioned his ex use to rub on his penis as he drove her around.

We were kissing and I was bent over him. He said, “Oh My God” your hair smells bad.

That was our last date I think.

Later on my mother informed me that he joined the military and was fighting in Afghanistan.

To my knowledge he is still arrogant.


Thank you for supporting me.

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