My True REST Float Spa Experience

As I write I squint in pain. I’ve been squinting alot lately. I swallowed two Aleeve and an open beer is in the cupholder of the backseat. I have a toothache.

The funny here 🙂 is that I am parked at Ikea:

Something keeps repeating in my head like a mantra:

Danielle you are not homeless, Danielle you are rich, Danielle this is not you this is fake. Then he says, Danielle I am Jesus.

Then, I walk into any store and say it is fake, I tell myself through meditation it is fake, but nothing happens. At least not right now. But it has before so what went wrong?

I do beleive it, but things have gone really bad to terrible.

I wanted better.

Which is why I tested out the True REST Float Spa.

In the Summer of 2018, when I lived up North in Connecticut I recall wanting to try this out but never did.

“This is my chance” I thought before stepping into the store on that very cold winter night. It was just a few days ago, it was me fulfilling what was unfulfilled:

Here was another fun adventure I had yet to pursue, until that next morning. I lived my life that day when I tied on my two-piece bikini and began to float!

First, I watched a short 5 minute video about the benefits of floating. I saw images on the TV screen such as: Alexander Mcqueen, doubles, chess games and kingdoms. Put all those images and ponderings to rest the guy encouraged in an upbeat tone. In my mind I said ok this guy understands it exactly.

I lounged on the plush grey couch with a neck massager banana’d around the lower back of my head.

I held both ends really tight as one would grip the handles on a parachute.

This is life.

This is my life

right now, it is not

ok. But-I am trying

I am still

holding on

despite the fact that

to get to my best life

I have fallen.

No, I do not want to live in a car Jesus.

So I show that I care more about myself. Plus, I was excited to hear about theta waves. See, as you lie in the water cocooned in blue light, you can hear the spa music pumping underwater.

Supposedly, that went on for about an hour but I fell asleep so I could not tell you for sure because it felt like 20 minutes. But I can confirm with you all that I was relaxed 😏.

The sensored lights in the room automatically shut off while I was sleeping. It was just me, calming music, salt water, blue light and rest.

A few things left out: There is a stand up shower in the room along with toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash (you get it).

When your hour is up, the water waves as the music shuts off. Then it is out of the room to the next. You are led down a dark candlelit path scented with lemongrass. Of course you know where to go because you are intructed prior to the experience.

The second room houses two big bathrooms winged off of the main. There are 4 huge mirrors with hair products and accessories (blow dryer, flat iron). No rush. It’s all yours!

Finally, the third room is a lounge. You can enjoy a cup of tea as you breath flavored oxygen through your nose. You make the choice, which flavor do you like?…. eucalyptus…lemongrass……There are several selections that get you back to life.

You may just find “I was here” journals along with literature and coloring books tabled neatly before you.

The entire experience lasted 3-4 hours and cost me $59. Now I have a healthier blood circulation, stress reduction, increased sensory acuity and the certainty that my brain produced enough endorphins to allow me to heal.

I signed up for a membership. The first month you receive two floats. Thereafter it is one float per month along with the oxygen machine experience added on for free.

Otherwise, you can simply try the spa experience for $79. The oxygen machine would cost an extra $10.

I deserved the best option. I deserve more than one experience.

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