Blue Hills & Heaps

It has to be 7:38 am, or around that time when I snapped these pictures this morning here in Utah:

The blue sky reflects off the mountains’ mist. The first time I saw blue mountain peaks was earlier this year in Missoula, Montana:


I marveled how would I describe the blue mountain peaks to a blind person? I kind of was forced to take up a job there because it was either be on the streets or take up a job knocking on doors.

I would like to inform you first that I haven’t seen my family in a very long time.

Nor have I had great job opportunities come my way, only abuse, closed doors and fake people.

How did I wind up in Montana?

I was in South Carolina, I had just flew there from Florida. There were days I slept on the beach or stayed up at night because I had no family nor a place to go. One day I decided to go fishing and perhaps grill the fish I caught to eat because no money. I caught at least 5. Something in my heart told me not to eat them but I did. Of course I get the warning after I caught the fish and had the materials to grill with me.

I do not have any pictures to show you.

I was arrested after grilling fish on the beach. Someone called the cops on me and told them a man was lighting fires in the dunes.

I showed the police I was grilling fish. They said you can’t grill here. Yes, there were signs not to grill on the beach, but not where I was located. That was the first time I had ever been arrested, and the first time I had ever experienced police brutality:

I was traveling jobless. Therefore, I applied to different job opportunities. Then SURPRISINGLY enough, I get a call to knock on doors for a presidential campaign.

The perks: free room and car along with loss. I had already suffered loss and did not need anymore.

But I flew to Missoula, Montana on my birthday. For free! Of course the flight and my room was paid for. What came after was nothing good:

On the flight to Missoula

(Ok, so this next question does not belong here but it really does: Have you ever lost a thought and had something replace your thought with what you should say because “their” thought is better? But you know that your original thought superceeds and is best?)

In Missoula, you would come across a dog lounging on the front lawn on a lazy afternoon. The deer look at YOU funny as if bothered or to say what are you looking at. The deer are extremely comfortable with their human neighbors. A voice in my head said well, you are in the North Pole:

The mist on the mountains interming with the sunlight in Utah. It causes a foggy mist around the mountains and appears as an illusion. It’s one of those instances where you have to get up close to see it in person.

In Utah, what drew myself closer was the mist. I saw it and instantly thought that is God.

Sometimes the morning clouds cover the mountains and create a thick fog so much that you can’t see them.

(Im going to leave this right here and finish it later. I am going to come back and edit what I just wrote to add sensory (the air prana), the picture the clouds covering the mountains, the cave and circle, its center of mist. Maybe the blisters. The bible verse and…

Yes, I am aware I posted a draft.)

The way I see Utah is in a different lens. In the center lies a glittery circle of water that rest just below a mist that tries to rise to the sun.

On top the cliff of a mountaintop I stood one day and said we are in an open cave. Utah is encircled by mountainous rock.

The air you breath: it is like breathing ice cold air in a freezer after spending time in a hot bath.

The air is prana.

Earlier today I wrestled if I should write the bad and good or just good?

Photo by Rachel Claire on

About a half an hour ago I was parked and a car drove past me after beeping its horn. I followed the car and parked. I got out and went inside the restaurant. The driver of the car had a red Make America Great again hat on, a gun at his side, a bag in his hand with I assume his girlfriend next to him. He had a red long beard. I looked at him then turned around and walked out. As I sit here in this car, I hear did we win, did she write it. I feel hands on my breast. I feel webs on my face. I hear someone say they are prostituting her. I hear she can’t feel it and they made her have sex with the police.

It reminds me of most of my time spent in Missoula. The feelings of attacks and near deaths. The free hotel room from hell. No, I would never prostitute myself, but I know a witch can make you see and feel things that aren’t real. I also know that some people aren’t as nice as they lead you to believe. And yes, there are people who know they are doing evil and just do not care. I left that job with burns on my feet and blue bruises on my heels.

I guess I’m still the twin of Jesus.

People like to hear about good news.

After reediting I thought that maybe I should leave the bad or maybe get rid of it because it means nothing. The bad is nothing because thinking about it keeps attention on negative energy.

So I wondered earlier today of God choose me to expose others in the truth. To show the true evil for what it is. I travel places and all I ever hear in spirit are the questions: why are you are? What is the prophecy?

God knows who stole my belongings. But i think I am here for an entire ly different reason.

I love and miss my family. That is better. I haven’t seen them nor my face in a very long time. All I see are actors in a horrific movie.

This is better.

I miss my darling, lovely children.

This is the absolute: when the sun comes up the hills turn white and sometimes, if you are lucky, dissappear.

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