The enemy and confusion

Romans 8:4

I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.


For one, the cost of this breakfast should be free. Well…I work for God, and I already paid for it in reality.

Allow me to explain.

The enemy likes to add confusion to the mix.

Have you ever ordered food and wound up with the wrong order? Or have you been overcharged or undercharged?

The breakfast is not what I wanted. In fact, I was not even hungry.

If hungry, I would have gone to Craker Barrel. When I woke up something told me to leave, not eat.

Instead I went on a joyride in circles.

As I drove a voice talked to me.. It chastized me for having “smelly underarms”. It offered I should put on deodorant and go to Ross and buy alcohol wipes to clean the car because it is dirty and I am not myself. It is not like me.

God likes clean. But, wasn’t Jesus twin homeless????? Excuse me, you are God as you say sin, so that means you have ALLLLLL the answers.

I heard laughter.

It is hate, JEALOUSY and evil. And I am trapped.

Then I heard a female voice say, “That’s why we are making her leave because they know what we’re doing”



I was told by Jesus to leave because they are trying to exploit and control me.



Then after my car went into a full circle I went to Ross. I heard haunting laughter the entire morning ride 🙂

I left Ross and came to Dennys.

They also told me I wanted grits and 2 eggs at Crakr Barrel.


Romans 7:15

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.


That is how they controlled Paul, myself and you.

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That sums up my breakfast experience. I did not get french toast as they suggested either.


After leaving Ross,

Oh, why did I go? The car does need sanitizer. That is a part of my routine.

Back to Dennys:

-I requested the coffee

-Did not receive the orange juice, the extra egg and did not receive toast.

As I sit here at this table a few things happened because this is what the enemy likes to does. I call this man Manessah because he is THAT evil.

I heard my waitress laughing. She said, “Of course I did not give her what she wanted”.

The two older ladies to my left randomly turned and both just stared at me. The enemy likes to remind me that the faces I see aren’t real.

Like the time I was at Walmart in Wyoming. In a few seconds I saw an old man look like a man in his 20s. The enemy likes to show me that I am blind and that he fools me into seeing fake looking people. Like I am the problem!

And that is another issue, I am a judge and being decieved into fake situations. It makes me ask how many spiritual judges, preachers and priestesses are out here living in a fake reality because of what God planned for them.

Are we forced to stay behind and preach instead of having happiness? It is fake. Am I damned for having the spirit of judgement in me. So trap God’s people?

That is why God says we do not belong here.

Exodus 9:1

“Let my people go so they may serve me”

He has removed the veil many times. He has removed the veil so much that I saw the truth.

Noone in the real world here wears a mask.

So far this morning, I have spoken to 3 females who appeared to look egyptian. They all had heavy penciled in eyebrows and thick eyeliner.

I ask God within, why the show? They love to exploit the homeless-which is a sin. But, the people cannot see that they are being used by the enemy, and if they are aware, they are so awesome 🙂

Jesus says forgive them.

But, I am reminded that I am in Egypt.

I had a former rooomate in Missoula-I keep hearing her laugh, and I see visions of her as a ghost. This person did alot of nasty things to get ahead. I will not mention, but for some reason, I keep seeing her. Just ignore it.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

I just received a hot cup of coffee. Before leaving I had the pleasure of having what sounded like a female voice breath nacho smelling breath in my face.

The point is:

What you are shown is fake.

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The disorganization of this post explais it.well?

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