Witches and Wizards

Photo by Joy Marino on Pexels.com

“Don’t let them rent space in your head”

I write this from the knowledge I learned from God while in spirit. I am sharing this with you my friends, brothers and sisters.

When we speak about God we talk about the supernatural. God wants the best for us in all dimensions. There are other dimensions that desire the opposite.

In this post I would like to tell you what I saw in spirit.

If you are not with God, you are like a reed in the wind available for another entity to step in and either control you, or haunt or dabble with your life.

I have seen what they are capable of.

When we smoke cigarettes and drink when God cannot see us it is possible that we are in space.

The chemicals you put into your system binds up your spirit with the help of demonic forces in space. They perform dark magic on you while you are the “alien” dog in physical life.

When you go through the therapeutic process of cathartis, you find past grievances you forgot about being released out of your heart chakra.

And how did that bundle of bad get their anyway?

Back to the bad in outerspace:

Then they blow you up in space and try to make every part of your body an entity to control you. They literally make a creature of your body parts and perform such a magic on you to keep your spirit in knots and webs. That is partly why God created the army of the lord.

Let me explain what I saw. I saw energy and the harsh chemical reacting negatively on good energy. Warping, slicing, distorting.


As you walk during the day your mind talks to you. It tells you where you want to go, what you are going to do, it directs you. The voice in your mind is the storyteller.

If you have another voice in your mind it means that your mind is in the hands of another entity and you may have it inside your head, parked in a dimension you cannot see.

They get inside when you lose Jesus.

The best way to get out is through guided meditation and I AM AFFIRMATION. Plug them into your ear and press play.

You can win the battle between wizard to wizard.

It is in you!

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