“Wait till I get her alone, then she’s really gonna be crying”

The first time I saw a ghost was when I was a child. I don’t quite remember it, but I hope this one is the Holy Ghost:

Holy Ghost

I remember a few times when some kind of entity was suspended above me in school.

-In preschool I was sitting on a wooden horse with wheels, and I was wheeling myself around with my feet. Something was above me that day. It was either an angel or Jesus.

-Another time I was in elementary school, but this time this being made me slow so that I could not score a good grade on my studies. It did something to me.

-Another time a being was flirtatious with me and I was flirtatious back. I was a teenager then, and my grandmother mocked me for it. This being was on a man that was working where I lived. I was young, shy and was new to the fact that I was pretty and I had an effect on the other sex. I was testing reactions out. That’s what teenagers do.

I don’t remember my childhood, partly because I astral traveled throughout.

In my adult years I have seen Angels, Demons, Aliens & Ghosts. Celebrity ghosts. I think I have even seen Cain or Abel-one of them. Tribes. Other beings-I don’t know who they are but they aren’t nice. I thought they were biblical figures but they are not. Jesus. Horseman. The antichrist and others.

I also know that I am currently in hell, and that the ghost who is following me around and harrassing me is a demon of a man I have seen in real life before.

He is about 6’5″, brown skinned, low cut hair. I have seen him about over five years ago. I was in Macy’s at the shoe section shopping. This man in real life was following me around. He stalked me as I shopped.

When I am in hell, I see demons. What that means followers is that this man is actually watching me in real life upstairs, telling his alien demon to follow me.

In the store I just left, I heard him talking through his demon.

He said, “Wait till I get her alone, she’ll really be crying then.”

“She’s my bitch, I’m telling my bitch to get desert”

He is in the car with me. I think he is a cop stalker. I also have other people commanding their demons to harass me. They think it’s funny but that is what killed Jesus, the human in real life.

They put them in my head, my ear, and smoke cigarettes and drink so I can pass out or something bad can happen to me.

Read crawling in my skin.

They are telling these things to feel on my breast, go into my vagina, touch my hair, go on my face, in my mouth etc.

Something was very eager to look inside my car when I went for a hike

A demon alien being can look corporeal but they are not human. This black guy has been inside my hotel room, outside my hotel room, in the car, everywhere.

Another one has a big bubba bottom lip, is brown skinned, and harassed me in Connecticut. He may be a cop in disguise. Or he may be a robber or both. I learned that the police like to use a face that has a big bottom lip to look tough.

This guy would hang around my house that I owned, walk around my car at the grocery store. And I think he knows my sister. I think from what I have been hearing that this one has a white girlfriend named Rachel and is friends with someone who is bad news that Iwill not even mention. I had a vision of him naked in hell around my daughter. This would mean several things.

All visions are not 100 percent true but this guy is a real life sleeze. He also tried to kill me a few times with his demon. So he is another one watching me. Oh, and that vision was received last year. This bubba lip bastard is a thief and most likely a gang member.

Ever seen a goon wearing black and red? He may be one of them. I don’t know. But I am in Utah and so is his ghost.

Oh, there are others. They like to watch me get naked to make fun of my body.

Now back to these aliens because they keep going into my ear into my brain. Literally. It is very painful.

I did have more footage but I was recently robbed again.

I wondered who was spying on me in this orbs:

Because everytime I take a picture the orb makes it a point to jump in front of the sun to make itself known. There is someone inside of the orb. It is a spirit, but also cloaked. At first I said Jesus because we hear he is in the Emerald Light.

But at night I took this photo:

Look at the headlamp inside the green circle. It isn’t the lamp from the street.

Then one late night when I was at work at Amazon, I was tired and decided to take a break. So, I took my glasses off and sat down. And I found this ironically strange:

The headlight above is reflected off of the lens in my glasses like a mirror

(Once again I miss my family. I love you very much.)

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