Photo by Bo Stevens on Pexels.com

I have a grin on my face. I am blessed, God made me a masterpiece. I am highly favored, I am love.

The previous two sentences are called I AM affirmations. I look in the mirror and say I love you everyday.

I scratch my face, and the oil from today’s travel glides on my fingertips. I reach in the glove department for my Orange Blossom & Lavender facial wipes by Bolero, that I purchased from Dollar Tree:

It smells nice.

I wash my face with wipes sheeted in my open palms. I clean until all the grit is gone. I am not sure how it got there, but I rid the soot away.

And that routine reminded me of sin, and how Jesus washed me whole again. How grateful we are to have the Almighty God in our lives!

He is the only store I want to be inside.

But, Dollar Tree has become my most frequented and favorite (I’m not kidding).

Dollar Tree is the new Walmart for me. I pile and save.

God had made a path for me to travel. Since early March I have travelled to almost every state. I sought for a new life and relocation. Jesus has a way of pointing you where you need to be, even if the situation does not seem right at the time.

I am in a place where I am not quite sure if I want to move forward or stay. But the sun prickles its shower on me. As I softly close my eyes, I am still without effort.

I am rooted by the light.

We are cchildrchildrccchildrccchildrchildrcchildrchildrccchildrccchildrchilcchildrchildrccchildrccchildrchcchildrchildrccchildrccchildrcchildrchildrccchildrccchild

Where are you from? I am, we are children of the light.

All I asked for in life is not a necessity anymore.

Today, I have love, the greatest gift God can give centered right inside my heart.

And I can tell you this from experience, “When life blows you in the wrong vibration, it is the right season to shout you are blessed.”

Share that knowledge with the world. Tell God you are not giving up. Show him you mean it!

Let them know that you can overcome difficulties, you are capable to rise higher than you have ever been.


Meditate to train your mind with positive thoughts. Think about how wonderful you are, smile while you mentally serve yourself morning breakfast talk in the mind.

It is you sitting across from you at the table inside your head. Yes, it is the two of you.

Which one can give the best compliment?

I do this often. I talk to my mind until the bad thoughts about me subside. I tell myself I am worthy.

When I cry to God, I cry in shock because he loves me so much. I admit that I have felt so unworthy, and I make personal changes within to become worthy enough to hear praise in my mind instead of letdowns.

Welcome new vibration 🙂

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