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I sit here at a pause. Should I write this and is it a waste of time?

Jealousy is at its height today, but there is another word that brings hatred out of the gay: competition.

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Have you ever had a gay man as a friend who you found in secret compared himself to you to gain the attention and affection from your significant other?

I have, and it was from almost every single gay man I had ever met or befriended.

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Peter from college-his demon followed me around and attacked me for months. One day I was fed up and looked him up on Facebook. His profile picture showed him wearing fangs and stating that his monster is underneath the stairs.

With the exception of big-head Omar. Omar was a children friend everyone called big-head. Not too long ago he mentioned he liked my son’s body part. My son is not gay.

Then there was Tomy. Tomy was very open about his sexuality-which is great if that’s what you are into. But, I found later on that this one would sing around me to say that he is a better singer than myself. He had this jealous spirit in him. If I mentioned I read material, well, so did he!

And so on…

Then, there is Catrina, Verna, Erica, Marlena, Tomika, Shawnee, Little Danielle, whom all believe that I can be turned out if they “put it on me”.

Zen is my truth.
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Here is my personal opinion on being gay. I believe you are born gay.

If you find you are gay later on in life you are confused because you can be changed. Just like your opinion on dating the same sex changed. You made your desire interchangeable.

I beleive it means you made the choice to select the same sex and that it is not something you were born with.

There is life out here in a world where death walks. When you receive the holy spirit, you opinions, desires, wants, needs and likes change.

There are alot of gay people out here who have a hateful agenda towards people who beleive in Christ because they feel they are not accepted. So, they go on and attack the judges, messengers, pastors, preachers, anyone here to deliver the truth.

Or shall I say deliver you to life.

God is love. You are not God if you do not have a restored heart and mind. And that message is for everyone. On Earth, you’re main concern should be finding God, not “having sex” with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you do not have the spirit of God in you, then what spirit do you have?

Go on and lie, cheat, make “love” and attack from an evil place.

Here I am delivering a truth even though you do not like it.

As I sit here, I have something in my third eye attacking me. He is a middle eastern witch spirit. He is tan with green eyes. He may even be hispanic. I know he is a cop and his name may be Alonzo.

I have a white blonde spirit named Robyn who calls me trash and follows me around everywhere.

I have a blonde haired blue eyed beast who kills me everyday to live my life.

I have a red headed spirit who tries to control me, she works for the army of satan-not the army of the lord.

These spirits are all being controlled by people in real life who have taken my money, placed spells on me, have lied on me and to me, and cheated me out of my life.

I get trapped on a daily basis:

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and I am chastized by these spirits to kill people, steal, lie and cheat in order for me to see my family because they prefer for me to be a beast like them, because if I get out and change they will be disciplined for their sins.

Misery loves company.

They are the antichrist claiming to perform good deeds for all by stealing from others.

But I still tell you the truth.

Even though I cried as I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner, at the restaurant table today in the Olive Garden, because the guests in there all turned and looked at me as if I did not belong. Yes, I did say to myself I need to leave here and it reminded me of Florida because for some strange reason hispanics are not receiving me well.

Is it because God told me that reggaeton puts them into a spell? So, that makes me prejudice?

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Yes, I also said that today in America, the American Dream is for foreigners and Mexicans. Does that make me prejudice? No.

How many others have lost their homes, and how many newcomers have worked and gained to attain a home?

This is life here.
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Yes, I did hear a female hispanic woman claim out loud, screaming to people that I am a prostitute who just gave a man oral sex.

They spread lies about me everywhere I go. Let’s see…I am a monster, witch, “la loca”. By the use of witchcraft and black magic, they tracked down my other half, my twin, and force me to do things I do not want and people believe it is really me:


because they use magic to make me say things I don’t want to say, and smile when I am in pain. They do horrible things to me.

I know what is going on. I can hear and see even though you believe I am blind.

Jesus had a twin too.

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Luke 4:29-30 says they grabbed Jesus to thrust him head first out the city.


Jesus passed through the midst of them and went his own way.

Our twin is our blessing and salvation. We do not have to work. Jesus suffered for us to live a free life as long as we devote our life to him.

Have you ever heard that God multiplies you? He really does, and there are demons out here dressed and cloaked in magic performing evil tricks on your blessing and or other half while you work a meaningless job.

I have a demon who thinks he is entitled to my life, he looks very much like my fathers but he is not my father.

Demons will do all they can to suck your best life out of you.

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I wasn’t made to be some fat Jewish man’s dimwitted wife. (Yes, I saw that too). One of my best halves is out there in someone’s house.

The show and business is over. They work to kill Jesus and destroy your blessings.

It is your hospital, police, church leaders who are false prophets, politicians…

There are many “Danielles” out there. There are many of you out here too.

I am hararassed on a daily basis. And even though I wrote on my bible that I would not read it, I still give you the truth.

I have no place to live.

I have no job here.

No friends or family.

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I have something in my vision that shows me fake things. I have a $100.00 bill in my wallet, but I am telling you, they show me $1.00.

That is life.

I am not a murderer, will never kill a person to be like the enemy. God tells you to love, not kill. I know I have blessings and are happy somewhere. It is unfortunate that there are people out here who picked the wrong path. It does not mean you are entitled to my life or anyone elses.

Please pray for the ones who need spiritual help because they plot on us everyday. They hypnotize and curse to live your best life.

They just have to get into your head somehow and control you.

Plant the best seeds in your mind.

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I still love you.

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