“Hey look, don’t believe it!”

What would happen if you decide to listen to my advice for once?

Here me out.

We live in different dimensions. We have the ability to control where we live, which vibration we are in and what we see.

It is all about what you believe.

Perform this research:

The people you see around you, the conversation they speak, is it real? If not, who puts in the time to write the script?

Who plans the fake smiles, outings, settings? Who wants you to believe by familiarity and comfort, that yes, this is all real?

Look at this original taken in Utah:

I look at the picture. I change the original filter, then look again. Then I re-filter. I change the hues and look at the picture as if for the first time. I notice images I have not seen in the others.

Were the shadows hiding what I discovered and are they illusions?

The sole purpose for the observation was to observe, not photoshop.

Do I normally photoshop? No.

Do you know that the atoms we see around us can be manipulated? The space around us is tangible. We puncture space by gas and velocity.

Back to our observation:

Take a photo and change the way it looks. Seek smore than its appearance. Ask questions about what you see.

Here is my first attempt at seeking evidence hidden in the hues:

Here is the 2nd attempt:

What is that line above the sun

Here is the 3rd attempt:

What is the shape of the sun?

Here is the 3rd attempt blown up:

The sun looks like a beast-like dinosaur with its mouth agape

What do you see in the sun?


I felt love in my heart this morning. I woke up stranded and alone. He said “I still love you Danielle”, to my heart yesterday.

God said this after I gave up. That was after I said I was not believing anymore because I keep trying and all I have experienced is loss.

God gave me a response. He meant, “I still have your back even though you gave up on me”.

He is still here.

At times I can’t feel him, nor hear. I seek him and he pops up when I give up.

I never said he was not real. I say there are so many bad spirits around me. Too many bad spirits inside:

Can you see those faces?
I see you smiling
I see a vortex with green alien faces. They are an illusion. How so? Do you chose to believe it?

How will God find me? Come to my rescue?

I drank five, 20oz glasses of lemon water today. I ate a plain bagel, and one donut. I need to fast, it is imperative because I have had un-natural headaches.

It is a normal sunny day
That is our sun
That chain looking thing is the suns streak. The sun looks like the inside of a crystal. Or something you’d find in a biology book labeled plasm?
This looks like my face. Um yeah, not me but thanks for forcing a smile on my face. 😒
Uh oh, I see a ghost. Or, something is very wrong? Is it the face or the sun that bothers?


On my face.
No. It’s not alright. Someone on my face appears worried 😱👽👻
An ancestor maybe? Idk, but some of them are really mean. What is this?
My REAL face is in a realm of light somewhere. lol, something just made me wiggle my fingers. They talk to me like I’m slow to piss me of (ghosts). Apparently, I belong dead. That’s what the spirits say, so they can experience life again in my body. So they find the worst dead ghosts they can get to harass me 🙂. But, who is doing the summoning? Great question right?

The truth is in the light, and/or the different angles you seek.

Ok, I left something out. You really want to test my theory. This will be the beginning of YOUR spiritual awakening, or what I like to call scientific method.

I will make a post about it, I shall name is “Observation”

For the next three days go outside at 1pm and take a walk. Have a pen and pad in hand and write everything you see going on around you. Be precise.

Do you see the same actions recurring with different people and or objects? If so, you are trapped in the Matrix. Who am I? I was sent to tell you the truth. If that woman across the street walks a dog the first day, and that man walks his dog in the same spot the second, and that little girl holds a cat in the same spot the 3rd day, it is NOT a coincidence.

Break the matrix and you belong to God.

Psalms 119:37

Help me turn my eyes away from illusions so that I pursue only that which is true

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