Observation-Here is the greatest gift you will ever receive

As promised here is the observation post. How can you tell if you are trapped in the matrix?

How could you test the theory that you are?

I am currently at the airport. The time reads 5:16pm. There is a woman with a pocket book wrapped around her left arm.

She is to my left

Tomorrow, at this same time, I will sit here and check if a person with a bag is sitting to my left.

It could be a man, woman, child.

The next day, around the same time, I am going to sit in the same spot and check who is sitting to my left.

What did she do? She sat quietly in her seat.

If the same actions are repeated for a consistent three days that you tested my theory, you are in the matrix.

Life here is an assignment, a test to get to God. Do you have what it takes?

Exodus 13:12

thou shall set apart unto the LORD all the openeth the matrix.

Merry Christmas!

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