The spiritual awakening paradigm

I came across a youtube video earlier today which caused me to question my spiritual awakening experience.

Is it a calling?

The title of the video is “Lucifer Speaks” here:

In the comment section, a CIA agent asks the person in the video what his religious beliefs are.

I watched the video and said, he is confused. How could he believe Satan teaches love, and is he a paradigm and am I a paradigm too?

Because we both share the same experiences and God is love. I know that we are one and can change the world because God opened my eyes and heart and showed me.

If it wasn’t God who was it? A pair of witches?

I questioned if God opened my eyes. Yes, he said leave, he showed me truth and what love is.

I was also tested mutiple times throughout my days to see what the entity can get away with and if I could be trusted while in spirit.

This world is an illusion. It is tangible. I questioned the text in the bible because history has been tampered with, I questioned Plato and other known figures revealing the veil, and requested time periods.

Allegory of the cave

“When you die, you live.”

I have said this and believe it because of the truth that was shown to me about living. I was shown that I was not alive. I read text about death, rebirth, reincarnation, that cycle of Marasma where we just exist.

Certain public figures were called out publicly for voicing the same beliefs.

If you are without a spirit of life and love you are already dead. That is why I have said this.

But am I a paradigm too? What God is entering people, granting sight, testing them, then leaving the person blind to feel shame for not passing the test?

I asked myself is it a program?

Are we all powerful and tested to see if we are in our right minds? Did I gloat, did I act like a superhuman with the Holy Spirit? I was told the spirit was me and God. Did I deny God for claiming my power?

I was shown love, not hate.

During my awakening, I was tempted to masturbate, pose nude, curse, look at porn, drink, smoke, cuss, fight, steal, cheat.

I learned the spirit can be perfected or ruined by the path you take. And can also be taken from you.

By which God? The big baby 🙂?

I had spirits interrupting my speech about God to embarrass me.

I say what did I do to lose life?

Was it real because people, we all share the same experiences. It must be a blanket test.

Was it satan?

The power of satan inflicts pain. A demon makes you dumb. “You mute and deaf spirit”

The power of Jesus cures us.

There were days I ate no food and was not hungry, I had strength, built a teepee by carrying heavy tree limbs and I was not tired. That was holy power.

Lucifer tempted me many times. I saw his ugly face, sharp teeth tell me to leave the woods one day.

I also saw a beast and heard him claim the holy spirit in me was his power. Not mine.

The lion king is not Jesus. I do not believe he is the lion.

Even now words are put in my mind to speak my own personal opinion.

I was left with a feeling of awe, much to say, and tremendous loss.

It feels like a relationship forever mourned until God comes back to me. I have recently mourned the loss of my family. I did not need another love lost.

Instead of God playing games to trust me, I began to wonder if I could trust him.

Is he playing me? Had the tables turned. God likes to play us, he has a sense of humor.

Ask me how and I will tell you.

Satan and his followers control you by spells.

God saves you, clears your mind.

But this world is not real, that is the truth. We are the world and just like we go through death and rebirth, so does the world. Before rebirth we are to flee, escape to salvation by him lifting the veil. The assignment is to get out. Am I told misleading information? It all begun in Humanities class, Pandora.

There is a God, and he loves.

I’ll find my freedom.

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