The Big Lip Cop Face Disguise


In the matrix there are real people using fake faces or disguises. They also communicate with each other by flashing pictures with their cellphones, making hand gestures behind your back when you are not looking:

-The officer that stopped in front of me at the airport with the Viking lunch bag (referring to the viking ghost around me who keeps trying to kill my tribe and failing)

-The black woman who just walked by me to look for another bathroom when there is only one unused one. She had on a Alexander bag. We all know who Alexander is…he works for the Army 🙄

I guess I am playing cop now? We switched roles somehow?


Aren’t they suppose to be helping you? Isn’t this the underground railroad?


Instead of helping you with signs, some work against you, telling each other what your ‘progress’ is to oppress you even further.

Think about the movie The Matrix, and how the cop kept rising after death to follow and kill.

Or how about the movie The Terminator, when the enemy reappeared by what looked like necromany.

I know I am being played and tooled with right now. I should be happy with my family, sipping on a drink and enjoying our lives together.

But, I was handed the crap show to write. They say, give the dog a bone and show me a cop face. I write to show you the truth, but also toss the dog bone at the enemy’s head in the process.


In the matrix, in real life, where there is illusion, if you see a police officer or army general with this kind of bottom lip, he or she is either in disguise or above you in another dimension, allowing his or her goon to fool or harass you.

A few more pictures and scenarios I would like to add to this post about illusions in the matrix

The enemy loves to stir the pot, but also communicate with his army in front and around you. Do not listen to the enemy. Here is one more example I would like share with you because I won and already broke the matrix and seal:

-There is a man “acting” like a homeless alcoholic vet around me. I saw the enemy communicating with him. It was like a flash in front of my eyes. I saw his real face. He was there around me on contract with the underground army. The woman his was with looked like an old brown haired brunette but I saw her real face. She has black hair, and looks like she is in her late 20s. The guy sensed something was wrong. He looked back at me and then started to scream outloud in public and act. He began to scream about Trump, how he is poor,etc.

Later on I saw him talking to this man. Both of them went into the same store to chat after this guy in the blue shirt parked his truck. The “homeless man” parked his bike.

Homeless guy with Marines shirt on 🙄
Parks his bike
Goes into liquor store after talking to this guy
Guy near the white car. I’d like to mention earlier today as I walking with laundry bags in my hand that the owner of that white car yelled out his vehicle to me like a pimp. I’m not a prostitute 🙂
Blue shirt guys walks into same liquor store to chat

-Prior to that, a “homeless” woman left her wallet near the computer at the hotel I was staying at as bait for me to steal it? On the computer she was using, the screen had money card displayed. Are these people the new set of thieves giving each other messages?

They are not homeless, they are all acting to play the game and steal my money, my birthright and my life. And guess what? If you are in the matrix, they are doing the same thing to you.

They drive around me in vehicles that do not belong to them, they wear sunglasses with slick smirks and grins on their face with a complex that says wow, I am rich and run the world. But, they are stealing from people.

They truly believe they are these people in this movie. I’m talking about real life people here, not the illusions shown to you.

The objective here is to trap you. Watch your family. Stalk you and steal your possessions. Why must they work so hard to embarrass? To exploit the homeless after making them homeless?


“I saw a police vehicle and then looked away. I looked again, and I saw someone driving in a luxury vehicle” -real homeless man

Whom should I play?

They staked my house and watched me. Shall I do the same? Shall I purchase the same items they purchase and act like mom to their children?

Later in the day. Same man arrives at Mcdonalds and acts like he is poor. He isn’t this guy.
Look at this sneakers. Gucci.

This man turns around, attacks me, states he met me before and I have a twin, and that he will have his girlfriend attack me. 🥺 Remember, his girlfriend is a young woman in disguise.

It is fake, I rebuked him in the name of Jesus. This man works for someone and is acting homeless, going around threatening people.

Jesus is showing you the truth.

Have a blessed day.


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