Can you open the gate?

I came across this picture on Pinterest and immediately blamed a few people for us being left behind, “us” as in mankind.

You must move around, you must get into your car and travel, travel until your God speaks to you heart and instructs you on what to do.

Read the word as you travel.

This may sound crazy to you but some of you are trapped in something that God calls the Matrix.

It is a ship.

Thank you Pinterest

I travelled to every state (well, almost every state in the USA). I discovered strange occurrences that are alarming and would like to inform you of the visions I was shown from God.

A lot of people cannot see. You beleive that you are living a real life, and that the news you read and see on tv is real.

After traveling from Las Vegas to New Jersey for a layover, I sensed and smelled that the government or whomever is in charge of spraying chemicals in the air, was spraying chemicals from aircraft in the sky. I did not see the aircraft but perceived and smelled it. It was for Cov-id, but the nature of the intent was spray us like we are animals under mind control.

Thank you Pinterest

Because if you have not escaped the Matrix, you must be an animal.

I looked around and noone else reacted.

When you are blind you cannot see these things, we are unaware of alot going on in the real world.

There is a portal that exists in Vegas.

There is a portal that exists North from Utah, to Rawlins, Wyoming.

We can loose those strongholds 🙂.

There is another portal opening if you drive south from Utah towards the canyons, specifically, the tip of the Grand Canyon.

Spend some time at Bryce and all other Canyons in the area.

Rock Climbing at Red Canyon

Go past the Grand Canyon to Vegas.

Look at those faces of crystals!

I learned in those areas that Canyons were really Kingdoms, and the majority of the mountains are quartz crystals.

Crystals keep bad spirits at bay

Maybe that is why spiritually I had hope and saw a few magical paranormal experiences connected to Jesus?

The land is owned by our tribes 🙂.

But, quartz crystals ward off negative energy. Which may be why I felt positive energy throughout Utah and discovered treasure with my time spent there. The mountains are crystals.

I’m still shocked.

Do you know that our world has chakras?

Thank you Pinterest

Just as you open chakras on your body by meditation:

Thank you Pinterest

and with the help from God, the world can be opened by visitors (with a collective mass of energy) centered on the chakras of monuments.

Remember, we are the world.

What can be done with the body can be done with and to our world. We are capable of opening chakras in our world.

We are in a time where we are told to stay home, do not work. God is telling you to move and find him. This is all not just a coincidence.

Exodus 8:1: Let my people go so they can serve me

Our world goes through a cycle of death and rebirth. So do we, because…we are the world.


I sensed that God and spiritual warriors are looking for real people, people who are still alive in this “ship” and he wants to get you out and bring you home to freedom.

I saw a big silver ship that is suspended in the air beneath us. It is literally floating under our world. I saw souls going into this ship and leaving the fake one we are in here.

I was shown this ship when I was on a flight from Arizona to North Carolina.

Thank you Pinterest

For some strange reason, everytime I travel from West to East (Mid to upper east coast) I see these visions. Is it because of the change timezones?

Well yes, I think that may be part of the reason because I travelled so much that I threw the enemy off.

Thank you Pinterest

Always preach the gospel where you go, teach something positive to help others by the use of your talent so that God can hear you from your heart.

Think of the flood, and how God rescued us. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Anytime there is a plague, salvation awaits thereafter.

God bless, good luck, and happy, safe travels.

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