Aircraft Discovered; Persons not dead as reported

“Be Yourself” was the title of this post, but then it changed. I left my room with my hair subjected to fog and vulnerable to frizz. I mean I could have styled it a different way because I knew how the weather was.

I had spent over an hour straightening my curly hair. I’d normally put on a cap, followed with a twisted bun.

I just arrived from Key Largo, I haven’t showered in 3 days, I have not slept in a bed in some time. My ankles are so swollen you would swear I am pregnant.

However, my vision says, I am not pregnant.

I did things tonight I would not normally do. But this isn’t real anyway. However, I would not ever leave a place with my hair looking the way it did.

Also, I know what to do in a situation where I have no family and place to live. I don’t go along in life forgetting. I am not the mindless zombie you have tried to make me.

I try.

I have been seeing alot of ghosts lately. Apparently, whenever I travel to a place where I want to settle, the place gets evacuated.

The ratio of myself seeing real people is 10:3.

The entire experience is fake, yes, that I understand.

Some (thing) got into my head, into my life, and shoved me out. And when they get into your head they say you are fake so that you die. You dissappear and come back.

I am the woman who cares about her family and self. I am not this woman:

I do not ever leave the house this way!

The NASA shirt may be part of the reason. I had on a white dress with red flowers, then thought, why wear a dress in this reality? That would mean happiness to me and others and I will not give off that false message. If I deliver the right message, I will wear that dress if, when, and as you receive it.

Every time I make a move on this chessboard of life, I hear my son shout at the top of his lungs, “Mom, don’t do it. Mom its fake, don’t listen to them!” I hear his voice on the other side, sometimes I see him sitting on the steps of our porch watching me.

He isn’t the only one watching me by the use of magic.

This reality is chess.

When I was young, my sister would joke about the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks. It had just come out on video. Friday nights were “Blockbuster Video” nights.

Do you remember that?

It does not feel great being alone on a planet somewhere where almost every single entity snubs you.

I felt like Amelia Earhart after I stumbled upon lost aircraft.
Amelia Earhart

I am not a zombie, and I would like to discuss a very important topic with you all.

Something terrible has happened in our world. We have alien demon like beings on our eyes, in our heads, in our being, showing us a false reality, while the world goes into rebirth.

The world has ended many times. God has tried seeking you before the world dies everytime.

The beings attached to you show you a false belief to make you feel safe and comfort. They hide in your heart to conceal the voice of God.

Why would they want you to leave and be happy? Can you hear the call? If you cannot hear God’s call, they are in your heart.

When I step out into a public place I will see 2 real people, I turn away, look again, and see 20 people in the room. The extra 18 that had just materialized are ghosts. Not your random white ghost, but alien ghosts.

But they act like they are real. They really think they are real! I read two texts recently. The first I read in the bible made me think of a possibility that they could be my descendants. God has a way of making people through creation. So, I said, maybe they are apart of my tribe (both dead and alive).

That is what a spiritual awakening is mostly about by the way-finding your tribe.

When I am turned down while out in public, I would say to myself well, I am in the wrong Kingdom because my people love me. The people I grew up with, my family, they love me. They would never take food or rest from me. My cousins and ancestors, although pain on the asses, they still love me too. Who wants to be in a mean tribe? Not me.

Then I said they must be heathens. Whose heathens are they? What Kingdom do they belong too? Some of them aren’t very nice.

But, I came across an old Irish tell about an army that was dead. When I say dead i mean existing. Waking everyday, not serving God to get out. Just working to pay bills, eat and sleep.

You do not have life when you do not work for God.

Wake up! You are reading this, here, on an assignment, a soul contract made with the Lord.

Nothing else should matter to you.

If my description of death sounds like your life, you are dead.

In the Irish tale, a God turned (dead) soldiers into his army of zombies.

Alien zombies that are commanded to do what they are told by magic and pain.

There are quite a few of these alien like zombies on me:

Look at its face

I was attacked and put into the hospital by one of these things right before Trump became president.

They do not like:

“Freedom of Expression”



“Free Thinking”




When I say “They” I mean the people hired to control these alien demons. They work for the enemy, hang out about outside acting like they work, acting like righteous people but they are lecherous, idolators seeking you out to rob, lie and take your life.

Because they hang around me to spy, they report back to real life people to tell them what I am doing. What you are up to. I also have demons on me, tormenting me for a spiritual obligation that was stolen. Does that sound like you too?

We still have God in us.

My bucket list is almost completed. Is yours?

But, the spirits who are hanging around me pleaded that I please figure out the spell that was placed on them that made them a zombie army.

I can hear real life people ordering them around. I hear them say I want to eat this today, go get it for me. Go steal this. Go take that.

They were murdered to be servants.

Demons are our servants, not the souls of dead people, re-made zombies by the enemy.


If you pass away in this life, do you think you would want to be summoned up, and created to be a servant, demon spy?

But the ghosts that materialize seem or appear to be happy to have nice clothes and cars and homes and food and


Even though they are servants of the enemy? You snub me yet you are dead and lost 🧐. You were made to be a alien, ghost who cares about how you feel- that is your main concern. How you feel outside. Would you be so desperate to take the life of another to feel better? Because you never tried with your own life, are too lazy to seek God to make


Inside of you better. So the enemy comes around and makes it a competition and says, if you kill this person, I will give you your life back, or, I will give you life.

Then you go ahead and become just like him. Oh, I am sorry, you all are in paradise living my best life and the best life of others because you were too lazy to kill yourself for God.

I’m sorry, I meant deny yourself.

One of them just knocked on my door for housekeeping, I responded, she walked away and said,

“She’s still here”. Why are they checking on me? Why are they checking on you?

Guess what? That was not housekeeping that just knocked on my door, it was the enemy. I do not check out for another 3 hours, ok?

They look real, but they are fake.

The real hotel workers are in the next building.

So some of the zombies want me to research and figure out how to reverse the spell so that they can have their life back.

I can figure it out, I AM that smart. But I am not stupid.

And guess what I have learned? Whomever controls the nature here in noman’s land played Christopher Columbus. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, Irish looking as a ghost, but up top he has black curly hair, looks french, old world charm, and has big cheeks and may be Italian or Latin. He is more than one person. People have followed him.

God is greater than he. God truly brings you home. The one I mentioned above tried to get me to deny God more than once.


I’m going to teach you all a lesson right now. Anytime you speak of God, always make it positive at the end of your speech. Then, praise him. Lift him up.

How would you do that?

What is the solution?

We all can find life by fasting first. Why do we fast? To remove the entity out of our body because they like to hang out on our food. Inside your cigarettes and beer. Inside your curses and bad deeds.

Then eat vegetables and fruit, meditate, exercise. Read the word and texts about the spiritual awakening process.

When you perfect yourself within, you build trust with God, and literally climb up the ladder. The higher you climb, the better your gifts become.

Such as: Would you like to see God? Would you like to see the beings I am referring to? He may give you sight. Wouldn’t you like to fight ghouls in the army of the Lord? He may put you there? He may gift you with salvation, the best gift where you live in his midst of happiness.

He has to restore your heart and mind first-that is the first step. Clear out your heart so you can hear the call. Forgive. If he can’t see you, he can’t see you. You can’t hear him.

Life here is a spiritual obstacle course with paths both good and bad. Chose the right paths.

For example: It’s Friday night. Hey, you want to go for a drink? Or will you work on the paper to spread the word. It’s time to think about God here. What path are you taking this Friday night?

Be smart and chose God.

Quit wasting your life and find your purpose. God just wants you to be free, to find your assignment.

You have to ACT LIKE JESUS.

Can you save a life by the spread of truth and good news? Of course you can, it is this easy! Be bold, be loud! Sing, make art, write, use your talent to spread the Word.

Believe in him.

The almighty God will send messengers (spiritual tribal warriors) to deliver you, to bring you home. Praise be to Jesus because he loves you the most.

Peace, love, namaste, thank the universe and lastly, God Bless you.

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