=Status (Master or Animal<Master Your Animal)

I miss you too!
Rubik Cube
You so in tact.

I sit in a car. I wonder where do I go next? I know that I might not ever see my family again-that is a possibility.

I have traveled to all states and would love to go out of the country but some loser stole my passport 🙉🙉🙉.

You should watch this:

I like your moves, I can shadow them as you shadow mine.


Have you ever watched “Night At The Museum?” Yes? How about the part when the monkey steals the cell phone, and Ben Stiller is appalled. The monkey later pisses on Ben Stiller.

You should see this.

Within the past two weeks, I pissed my persons over 5 times. It was a supernatural piss 😒.

I am laughing.

A few moments ago it felt like I were on my way to death. A man just slid out a side door on my left, he wore a t-shirt with the face of Selena on it.

As I go about my days, I get angry for various reasons. I am made to forget the fact that my salvation was taken from me. Some demon somewhere is living my life. My birthright is where?

And as I struggle, I am appeased here and there with money dished out from a masked thief. I am unhappy, so they say, “Give her what she wanted!”

Not, give her what she wants now. Give her what she wanted yesterday, so that today, they can live my life.

“Give a dog a bone”

I promised my self that my posts will not be just my personal experiences but, I won, and I am tired of robbery, unfairness, no justice.

If there is a competition as said and I won, do you think it fair that I was robbed out of my prize? I could have saved hundreds of people with that prize. They deserved peace, love and salvation.

I proved the bad guys wrong, when I heard them use my life to purchase free ‘granite countertops’ in a home I PAID FOR, that kind of stuck in my mind, when I travelled 2 hours on the train everyday to teach children in poor neighborhoods about the real world.


Just don’t let them rob nor categorize you on a shelf.

I rub my head and a burp bubbles up.

Time to rid the luggage and go somewhere where there is less negativity and more peace. Whomever created the horn for Florida residents should be shot. 🙂

I was beeped at over 20 times for safe traveling. The streets were clean, unlike Arizona. I had my cafe con leche and egg and cheese on cuban bread glazed with honey butter 🙂. I went kayaking (finally).

I recalled cortadita and saw salamanders again, because somehow my memory forgot about that so called nonsense. The airport promised that because it is so cold, you might see salamanders fall out the tree, onto their backs frozen and stiff on the ground. I like those little guys. I would keep as pets if I could 🙂.

Does that make me a serpent lover? Noooo.

I am tired of seeing fake. Hey, how did it get so dark outside? Wasn’t the sun out a few minutes ago? It was.


I have been seeing sunrises and sunsets that make no common sense to my sensory.

For instance, this time of year the sky gets purple and pink before the sun shows its face.

I could never forget that picture because that picture was the good I saw in Florida. A perk.

I have yet to see a purple sunrise, and I wish I could post all the footage from my past year of travels but a few losers stole my belongings.

Did they steal the purple sunrise?

It felt like I were going to die 3 times today and I don’t know how I feel right now about that.

It was as if whatever electric screen in my head shrunk and attempted to tune off.

Uh oh, the bible does say electric from the sky is the enemy. Have you ever been zapped? I can find the exact bible verse.

I know any type of paranormal experience with electricity is the enemy too which I would never bow down too.

Too as in (also).

I still have heathens all around me, dead and acting alive, as if they are doing something important. They are talking right now, saying that *they* are embarrassing me. I guess their leaders 🙄 ok.

Today, for lunch I ate at a chinese buffet. They had a t.v. on in front of me to view, General Hospital was on.

General Hospital is a tv drama normally played in the late afternoon every day around 3 pm.

Have you noticed that the actors never really aged? Over the years my eyes pick up and leave off on episodes I do not watch.

Allow me explain, I do not watch General Hospital anymore, but sometimes I will be at a public place and happen to see it on television.

I do not track the episodes, but my vision keeps up so much that I REALIZED today that may GOD is trying to tell me something because the actors appear like stunted growth, as if they are stuck in the same story every day without rising to a different level in life.

Everyday they look the same, have the same story line and I am so tired of that being my life.

Does that sound like you, because that is not life. It is a standstill of lost years with un-aging actors.

The last time I sat down and actually watched a one hour episode was over 5 years ago!

How does Elizabeth still look like the baby faced Elizabeth? Carly looks the same, same hair length. Wait a minute, my hair length hasn’t changed much either!

If they are a reflection of me on the inside, a projection, then I have work to do.

I sort of aged but my mind is still stuck. The complaints have to go, the storyline has to go.

It is time to play someone else and I think God is the one who has pointed these details out to me.

I read a persons comment the other day about crying. She watched a video about a spiritual topic and was shocked that she began to cry. She felt tears that did not belong to her.

I wanted to tell her so bad that it was Jesus on your face trying to help you, most likely crying because you suffer and he wants to wake you up to realize it, but you have yet to wake. So he keeps trying everyday, watching in your vision, waiting for the right time to lift you up.

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