Conversation found on my phone

“Yeah, i just got 2400”


This was after the red headed man to my right smoker and said danielle rub your head, then signaled to a fake police officer, something….

Then, the officer said live broadcasting at 12pm.

I had 2400 in my account a few days ago that just dissappeared. Then he said she’s not running me, I’m going to Egypt and she doesn’t deserve her life.

I’m getting supportive details here now. Oh, when she eats pizza, put this in her food.

Something in me is working against me.

Then I was told by a monster in the Navy, that the one inside of me, either david, todd, alicia, margarita, nelson, samoun or whomever is in me that was whining and crying for me “getting in”, that he took naked pictures of me and posted them in the army and that I am the laughing stock. See, brainwashing techniques are often used to brainwash others.

She also said she took my power from me, they all did and they aren’t stopping and I’m corny. Ok.

I use the bathroom and I sense something behind me, it shows someone my ass and says thats all I have to say.

If I am nothing but tits and ass, why have your army monster come to me to tell me she is using my power, why steal my money and act like me to live my life.

You are the leech.

Then, they call me Kim Kardashian 🙂. As if to say she’s just tits and ass.

This explanation and post kind of explains alot about what our nation has come to.

It explains who has been stealing my belongings, who has been keeping me from my family, and why .


Ok, time to leave.

Thank you FBI and ARMY for doing an excellent job on protecting others. That is what the person inside of me just said with tears. I guess I am the bad guy they are protecting others from.

Whomever reads this, don’t bother calling the police when someone breaks into your house, hangs around you or robs you because it just might be the officer on the other end.

Please continue to serve, protect and steal

Demons. What a test from God today.

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