Almost every day i have a voice in my head, talking to me. Asking me why I made poor decisions in life, what I have to do to get out of the matrix, what my passwords are, when and if they are deciding to kill me.

As I hear this I know that my real life is made with abundance and amazement.

but the vooce often asks,wbo is helping her find out who this and that is. How mich money did she makw. dpnt help hee. Make her look ugly. Make her retarded. Dont let her leave yet. Go get a glass of milk. I am voctor, i. Not scared of danielle. It is omar, i have ny squad watching you. I wantto see her naked, what does she look like naked. Make jer throw away her bible. We are bettee than her. We sre prettier than her. She is fakw. Shw doesn’t deserve her life. Watch her brush her teeth, i should beat her ass. Dont let her be herself. Give it a scratch, scrath your next,seeeee, she’s a dog. They believe me now. Make jer piss herself. Hwr breath stink s, make her breath smell like shit. She jas a bqld spot. We took her kods, we killed her family. We take your money because we do your job bette than you.


I see the men talking. The ones that were rejected in grade school by the pretty girls, so they grew up thinking it ok to harass a beautiful woman because they need to make up for lost times, stand up for themselves, make excuses for their behavior. There girlfriends have no clue and are quick to call another female “trash”.

Tools: Wrench, Screwdriver. A nut.

These type of men can be found at strip clubs or seedy places like the coffee shop I visited in Arizona one day.

I was in the drive thru, I ordered a coffee, and it was delivered by a woman wearing a thong and bikini top.

That’s unsanitary and disgusting to me. Before throwing the coffee away, I looked into the restaurant and saw a few men with their tongues out eyeing the asses of the almost naked women.

Is that my competition, what should have been shown to me? Young women in their 20s, who do not know their value yet?

I was stupid then, you will say one day (hopefully).

I was stupid before. I made dumb choices but I never stripped nor had sex for money. There were desperate times when I had no money and no job or opportunity.

I was in CITITRENDS a few days ago and a woman was at the counter counting a “gwap” of $1.00 bills in her long fingernailed hands, her ass was perked up purposely as she stuck her chest out, stomach leaned forward on the glass counter.

She accepts her life. She didn’t have a miserable look on her face that read I hate my life, or I am unhappy with no options.

Give one of these stand up men an opportunity to put someone on and they will sleep with all the vaginas that come there way. And they are so quick to call a woman a whore but we know why. It is a mechanism out the mouth of the 45 year old man with the little boy trapped within.

The men I know call themselves the brotherhood of my birthright.

“I pray for the wicked on the weekend, sistahs can I get another AMEEEEEEEN.”-Brendan Eurie (did I spell this correct)

Yes, pray for them.

I would like to reiterate here that the spirit within you, man and woman, if it is not God, it is the spirit of satan and jezebel.

Happy to be evil, proud to be promiscuous.

Do you have a wild sex drive with your girlfriend or boyfriend and it felt so good to climax? Man I had fun lastnight, I enjoyed you.

That “feeling” is temporary. It is not love when you have a sexual spirit of sin within you.

But you do have free will and all.

I will pause this here and come back to add more.


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