-This is your getaway (I hear him talking to his friend the entire time about how he uses me to call control me). He says, jump on the highway,go to the airport. I look at a woman posing on my phone, but see a different picture. Instead of her smiling, I see her naked. You are not Jesus, you do not deserve any kind of spiritual gifts, I say to him. He sounds like my father, but instead is an old fat foreign man who dabbles in witchcraft.

-He tells me I am Jesus, then I see him, still facing me, move backwards into darkness as if on wheels. He blends in the darkness.

-Three years ago, I see him flying, now he is at the some civilization. Think of a concert with followers, but he is on stage except this is an ancient stone ago or Egyptian era. I see them all with an arm raised, praising. He laughs, turns his head and say to his friend, they think I am Jesus.

-Yesterday, I see Jesus in a man’s athletic body and magic goes within me, forced me to see Jesus in the man. And he said, “Oh, don’t act like you didn’t know” and then a woman says she didn’t know, and you know why we didn’t want her to know. Then a voice from heaven comes down and says she will make him happy

-I see Jesus with a similar face, sweet and loving, with faces of wives around him, attacking whoever goes near him, he is smiling in a white bright portal. I don’t say what everyone says in awe, “He is beautiful”

-I see us on top of a kingdom, rich with green mountains and castles. We are on top of it all, naked.

-I see him crying, he looks at me and his face changes. He has white skin, fangs. He is dying because of me he says.

-I see Jesus face change to something scary, he has a stern stare that sees through you

-Jesus is a soft whisper in my heart I perceive and hear

-I see Jesus change to something ugly, he sits on a thrown with witches beside him

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