No BA in THEOLOGY, I have a BA in God



The sunny cord means honor

Cum Laude: High Honors

I graduated from Saint Albertus

Sometimes the ones behind you have a full mouth of words that say, “I am better than you” because I am over qualified.

I have God in me and was born a way. I was not born this way, but evolved. God knows everything. There was a time I could walk into a church and preach full sermon to the church, I could preach the words right out of your mouth. The spirit gives the word. No education needed, but it would help you open the door.

I am limited here with the things I could write to you; because my laptop was stolen, my abilities on my Android are limited.


Satan is the competitive spirit.

Mathew 4:5-6

Then the devil took him to the Holy City and had him stand on the highest point of the temple.

What comes next?

He tells Jesus to jump off the cliff to see if the chariots will assist Jesus on his way down.

It says that Satan had chariots of his own assisting him, helping him “fly”. Satan was competing with Jesus.

Does satan compete with you? Does he tell people he is better than you? Does he try to create sides and convince others that he is Jesus and you are Satan? Does he act like he cries when he loses to gain a pity party? Has he taken YOUR kingdom and immortal instruments to use against you in a game of war? He will strive to convince everyone that he means good, but, the entire time he puts the good down by persecution to make his self look great.

And the fools are the ones who fall for it.

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