Sometimes anyone interested in me is a threat so do not bother contacting at times because I have a supernatural liason I never hired.

“Censorship babysitter services”

Sometimes my contacts are deleted, pictures go, money dissappears.

So, I continue to be free as much as possible, as much as I can because God said I am.

I may edit, but I never post work and take it down imediately after. If you see this, it is not me. I noticed I had 9 messages from followers that seem to have disappeared.

I have a single white female “follower”

and her “boyfriend” stalking me. Her boyfriend calls her “badass”. She is not all there and calls her dangerous abusive alien ghost boyfriend “hero” everytime he commits a crime.

She informs me with pride that, noone can see me, and the only way my life will be free is if everyones life is free because she and boyfriend are vets and it is not fair to her army coded sentiments and mental protocols.

What a movie to be in 🤕👽😱🤗

These kind of followers

leave gifts behind for me:

Because they have been living my free life for so long that they feel entitled to the point where they trap myself and others.

Jesus offers salvation, freedom. We are not to work here. There are people, here, who know this and will reprogram your mental computers to make you think you are receiving stimulus money.

Life has challenges, this challenge is the greatest challenge of your life. Instead of others robbing you out of your birthright, it is time to take your life back now.

I will be posting informative posts in the future about preparation for getting out of the illusion.

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