I discovered this, this morning. A voice within me said, “This is who I am”. A reminder.

I flipped it around, opened it and read a scripture. The past few days have been . . . illusive, fogged, misleading, I have been the reed blowing in the wind. The application I am using right now even refuses to work correctly. Some (thing) has attacked me and shoved me spiritually out of Miami. I have seen and heard things, was told forcefully to do this and that 🙄 by whom? That is the real question, whom? I read a scripture yesterday about taking back what is yours, take possession of the dog by finding a way to surpass the stage of “dog world”. In the mormon bible, I read it possible for others to have possession of your strongholds. Then, I recalled that if yoy have a spiritual awakening and do not complete your work or take it serious, because it is a spiritual obligation, demons will torment you. The scripture also says that we can take the enemy and use it for good. I will later add references for this post. The pink book I came upon this morning reminded me of the good that I am. The person who was spiritually awakened. My life was changed for the better. I learned about healthy foods and meditation-the importance of it all. I had high hopes to build and create mutiple projects to feed others. My fast food organic-vegan restaurant is one. I have assignments and I have been faced with theft and deception. Apparently, I am not this person but a spiritual warrior who needs to fight. I had already fought. The enemy tries to drag us down and steal the good out of our heads and stomach. Which leaves us at a spiritual standstill. Something constantly reminds me to write Jacob Isreal- a different version. Don’t let her leave here, just don’t let her be happy.


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