How We Are The World

I write a letter to you so that you can receive news, a message, request or command. I might place a phonecall to you, or simply act like the sun.

The information I give to you shines a light in your mind. The frequency of the message causes a tickling feeling to grow within you. I provide the right vitamin d to cure the mood in you.

I am the sun communicating to nature. I rise and you come alive as petals bloom in the light, flower 🤗. I communicate to you. I am not the sun, but we are very similar. We exist with the world and we illustrate the same actions.

In the following paragraphs, I show how we are alike with the world; an observation is given from a discovery, an exploration.

Sumerian symbols of the past. Thank you ISBN 9781848371569

The oldest script in the world is called “Cuneiform”. It was created by the Ancient Mesopotamia. Just as the caveman wrote figures on the walls, nature creates a message amongst nature.

Thank you Pinterest

The following picture was taken on a secluded island of the Florida Keys:

An imprint from the ocean
An imprint from the ocean

The ocean created a message to nature.

Comparison of ancient language and the oceans message

Water is the message. The symbol means water in Ancient Sumerian language.

Imprinted disc that mirrors “sun discs” created by Sumerians

Sumerian history explains the importance in the message of the discs:

Rise up

The disc is an Archaic Sumerian Ideogram, it means “The Great Lord”. The message I found that was communicated from the ocean to the stone is water, rise up, Great Lord.

I found it here:

What caused the creation of the message and what else can we discover to rise up ourselves? Rise up is the language used as a command to rise into heaven.

Are you prepared?

:Save your self

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