“Jesus would have flipped their tables”

This is not going to be a good review. Do not read if you cannot stomach hypocrisy.

The name of this place of business is Holy Cross Urgent Care. I was refused help, and was told I have a mouth to feed by the front desk receptionist after I asked her how can you work for someone who turns down an individual with a growing infection in his/her mouth that can lead to death?

“I can die from this”, I said.

I was refused service and a written prescription request.

I cannot stomach hypocrisy. I said do me a favor, don’t go to church on Sunday. This woman and place of business do not care about humanity, they care about money.

These type of people work day-to-day without purpose and dare to call this place of business “Holy Cross”.

These type of people aren’t even lukewarm, they are false prophets who work for satan, in disguise, acting behind the sign, “Holy Cross”.

Jesus would have flipped their tables.

I have a family member who worked in the hospital and I know that funds are put aside for emergency care. Although I accepted refusal of care, they neglected to give me a prescription to stop the infection.

I have a bubble on the side of my tooth that is leaking fluid. Last month I was told I either needed a root canal or tooth pulled. I worked two jobs FOR MEDICAL INSURANCE, but had to end both because I could not find an apartment and it was too cold for me to sleep in a car.

I could not land an apartment because I have student loans and foreclosure on my credit.

I could not purchase a vehicle because I worked for a delivery service, and banks do not want to lend money for cars used for commercial business, even though I explained that I would not use the vehicle for commercial use.

Has your “American Dream” been taken from you?

Guess what?

There is no American Dream in this Hell.


Dr. King was Jesus. He promised hope and suffered for us to live.

I love you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(Happy Birthday)

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