Who sends these people?

The army? Satan? Demons? I am sitting at a pizza restaurant. I just ate a tuna sandwich with french fries. Across from me sits two young women. One of them joked that she had to wash her hair in the bathroom, I didn’t catch that she was mocking me. How do I know? Who sends them? The enemy. Her best friend is eating penna alla vodka, the one who joked about washing her hair in the bathroom eats fettuccine alfredo with broccoli. That was my life ten years ago. So who hires the fools to stalk a person (me) and act like (me) to embarrass (me). Someone stole my money lastnight and this morning. Two black men followed me to hotel where I stayed yesterday. Who knows my life ao much that they are willing to stalk me and act like me? The antichrist. Why? It is a sin to exploit the homeless. I do not find this funny. The purpose of this post is to inform you just how pathetic people are in this world. Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite dish. My “former best friend” favorite dish was Penne Alla Vodka. After our friendship ended, I caught her sitting in a car near my house, stalking me. I constantly catch these kind of people mocking me out in public. Two days ago I walked in on them. The conversation was “I am better than her”. The picture you see above is satan. Kingdoms expose desparity.

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