Birthday (A message) *please deliver*

Dear January 21st,

If today, today is my daughter’s birthday. I have not seen her in years. If I have, I do not remember.

It is because I have things inside my head that projects lies. But, I love you Isabella. The thing inside my head tried to direct me to take a picture of this fake water fountain of many, instead of thinking about how much I love you and how much I miss you and how you are the most beautiful, amazing, little woman on this planet.

You have to be, because, how old are you now?

I’m sorry I missed your past birthdays. They say it is the fbi, the army, the Navy, but I think they assume responsibility of the pain to help. They play the bad guy.

I know that whatever they are, whoever it is, killed Jesus.

Isabella, I see Jesus some times. The last time I saw him he was crying, alone, on an island somewhere. He said it was Patmos. He had green aliens in his stomach, in pain.

Then I cry. He said, she never new. I hear him crying.

Do you know Jesus?

This morning, I was reminded that he was the headless horseman, that something chopped his head off and sensationalized it.

I was reminded that he keeps communicating through stories, through people, and noone takes the time to see it.

He speaks to us through literature.

Your whereabouts is important to me.

I keep addressing in my mind, “None of you asked me where I was going”. He asked his disciples when all they asked were questions mostly for their benefit.

No one asked him. Where do you think he goes?

I feel tears, and emotion, and wonder besides Jesus, are they making me cry…

I don’t know what they are but i can draw what they look like. They get inside your head to kill you to be free from the hell they are in because they let satan have sex with them, knowing he is satan. They were made animals because of it.

I never left you guys, you were lied to. I would never choose a white demon alien over you! You know that. He is a “viking”, says I am his enemy, and is friends with law enforcement. Figure that out! If I tell you what is going on with me you’d get upset. The thing in my head is damning and was summoned by someone with money. A celebrity? I don’t know who it is but they are around me. I honestly would not want to be near you or anyone like this.

It is this red thing.

You are sweet and loving and kind. Sometimes, I wonder if you should know because I didn’t see this curse befalling me.

They tell people that I am acting and that I am on vacation. I am not. They want me to wish your cloned half, or should I say”actress” a happy birthday so that I can deny you. They told me I was a slave a few days ago, then showed me picture of hotentrot. I am not on vacation and I am not there slave.

But they put something inside my eyes and head so that I cannot see you or other family members, my money, my life. They show me ghosts acting human and force me to treat them like they are real.

Fyi: The beings that slipped into my eyes claim to show me the super natural at a deeper level. The ghosts I see are his family. I see alot of dead people moreso than real.


I have had visions and premonitions way before these things attacked me.

Look: I wuz here 202. What to believe when this happens to you.

How does a person look, talking to a ghost? Talking to some (thing) that is invisible to the human eye.

Who is trying to make me look insane? The insane ones. Their mission is to make you forget the past, your life, your children.

As I edit this edit, one of them comes up to me, bends down to my eye level to show me this. And she continues to watch me. For what? Control. They convinced themselves they have monarchy over my self.

Rewards? So this is a video game??????.
I guess I leveled up again?

Whenever I am myself or obtain my memories, they come up to me to make me forget, to distract, to entice me with bullshit. If I were a man they would send me naked pictures. They are hateful, evil, empty.

A woman next to me just told her husband, the waitor said it was free put your gift card away. That is what they want, a free ride.

Isabella, I am at a bar drinking. I am drinking *hard liquor* to get them out of my head. I have had 4 drinks and I am not drunk. They make me feel the opposite of what I should feel. I am drinking because when I MEDITATE they make me feel fire in my head. I have prayed.

They want to be called “Angels”

The people next to me appear different than what they look. Who cares what they say, they aren’t what they seem.

They tell Disney and show business that I am acting, and force things inside me to do what it wants. I fight it.

Isabella we have an inheritance and we are rich. They hired thieves to follow me, steal my money and lie to my face.

I am not the goddess of war. That is one lie for justification. Let me explain. Every time I am in spirit, an army of animals “the army” comes along to trap, fish, and spiritually rape me to “save my life”and reel me out of hell.

It is a game.

These animals are demons of real police officers and real people in the army. And the spiritial pimps use brainwashing and hypnotism to say, oh yeah, she wants it. Oh, she doesn’t care about her family, she just orgasmed.

They use words like conquer and concubine to justify rape and human trafficking.

But, “no one will ever beleive it”.

What does my face look like today? A stranger down for the cause.

They steal my birthright so that they could live my life.

They killed me in Utah. I was told by this entity that had a smile on its face, that, I had to die to receive my blessing. They scanned all my memories and took all I had from my spiritual awakening from my mind. They are the antichrist trying to get out of hell.

I saw them swimming under water, certain. They said we will finish her spiritual awakening project to get out. Then I saw my restaurant being built. My wizardry school. My retreat. I saw my wedding with my husband, our children.

We are children of the light.

I heard God say to the antichrist, look what you did to her to get here, as if to say, yeah, you’re not going anywhere. You cannot gain salvation by the harm of another person for the greater good. They created

That is what God meant to the deaf and mute. That is what he meant to the antichrist who keeps preying on innocent followers of Christ. They make up all kinds of lies to find some way to get out.

Evil deeds produce evil.

I wanted to look at your picture but they stole that from me too. They have my passport, laptop, our family photos…

Isabella they are insane. All they care about is money, and sex, and how they feel. They say, how does everyone feel? Good,right?

My mother use to say, “One monkey don’t stop no show”.

Although they are lost, YOU do not have to care about them! I know you.

I learned evil cannot accept love. They aren’t wired for love.

It is not your responsibility to love them, don’t ever listen to them.

Their mission is their sights. They will tell you all lies to get what they want. They will strive to make you forget and make you believe all kinds of things (succubus).

They say when you get older they will do the same to you. They say look at her, she thinks she has it in the bag.

They are consumed by a competitive bitter spirit. I have over 6 wasted years here in hell because of them. I know they watch you and mock you. Leave, travel when you can and do not be trusting. Focus on your heart and God. Salvation. I don’t know what they are, but they cast black magic spells.

I was told they have you programmed somewhere to believe we hate you.

The enemy is a liar.

I am sorry, I love you and do not ever forget it. Stay strong and always attack when you have too.



“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…()”

I will be okay just listen to my advice.

*At a master level, we can travel back and forward in time. Meditation will bring you up there to your higher self. Since you can travel back into time, on the days that Jesus suffered, give him your kingdom and life. Find him. It is possible. I encourage whoever reads this to take it seriously. If you have a Kingdom within you, and you have attained it, you need to give it back to Jesus to save him as he saved you.*

He tells us this:

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