The picture you see here is the constellation Orion. The three points are said to rest directly above the three pyramids.

Thanks Pinterest

When you see Orion in the sky, you are to flee to find your way into another dimension, the pyramids.

You should be outside, seeking freedom until you find it. I would reference what I say, but someone stole my books.

Crop circle
Crop Circle
3oclock is the 3 hour window

These are crop circles. How big of a crop circle can you make?

Observation: It is half moon, I saw a spirit drifting in Egypt, in a palace. His eyes rolled in the back of his head. A police officer? Army? Satan acting? I always see him shaking. He was convulsing the entire time. This one “played” my son. I saw him on a boat years ago. He is brainwashed somewhere by hypnotism.

In the pocket of my hotel envelop, a key appears that does not belong. They like showing off.

Personal note: 6oclock is home bunny rabbit.


*At a master level, we can travel back and forward in time. Meditation will bring you up there to your higher self. Since you can travel back into time, on the days that Jesus suffered, give him your kingdom and life. Find him. It is possible. I encourage whoever reads this to take it seriously. If you have a Kingdom within you, and you have attained it, you need to give it back to Jesus to save him as he saved you.*

He tells us this:

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