How We Fight Back

Do I look ridiculous to you?

A barren tree with limbs of kermit the frog heads. The heads fly off the branch, onto your face, into your head, into your heart, into your body. It does not work in your favor.

A few years ago, a picked up this book at the local library. I wanted to learn more about tribes, my culture within me, spiritual warriors and information about how the Hopi Tribes helped us move up, out of darkness.

I feel like I am mentally paraphrasing here, because time has passed, so do not quote me.

But I recall our ancestors wearing these tribal masks, but I never understood why.

Did they make their masks look like the monsters too? Are the masks displayed above, the exact replica?

If a demon-like entity advances on you, what smarter way to fight back by using the same face!

Our native american ancestors physically fought our holy war of today. They took time out of their day to sit and make these masks. Prior to crafting them, they all huddled together, came up with a strategy on how to protect their home and fight the enemy.

I have seen the one on the top left and right. The one on the top right (not the exact one, but a being that looks similar to it), his nostrils were inhumanly round.

Our ancestors deserve our upmost respect.

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