Do You Want To Hear TMI?

I am literally sitting on a public toilet right now.

Prior to sitting, I looked for a seat cover. Before I looked in here,

I heard a white man’s voice say let’s see if she goes into the purse. Lets see if she is the thief.

That means I am being placed into situations to steal. I am not a thief, but thank you for trying to set up a homeless woman whomever you are “officer”.

It is a sin to exploit a homeless person. That is why I raise awareness about you and show everyone how you rely heavily on satan to talk, spy, steal, and sexually assualt people. I always hear I want to arrest her, lock her up.

For what? Being blessed?

It is a program being ran by prejudice, inhumane people.

Earlier today I heard a black man’s voice ask where my oldest sister lives. Great! Can you tell me where?

Just now, a heard an older white man say I am a judge and not giving up my spot. 🙄

The enemy is busy in this restaurant right now following me around like a lost dog. I am blessed with psychic abilities. But sometimes, it feels as if I am fighting with an animal:

I will show you proof just below here. Update:the person who is a celebrity that you are doing the same thing too took down her post. You are making her see fake people!

You know, they say, she doesn’t know what this is. We keep saving people.

If that is the case why am I still here? Why does my back hurt from sleeping in a chair lastnight. Why did I have to sneak in the ballroom at the hotel to sleep because I could not afford a hotel room? Why do I still have a bad tooth infection? Why can’t I find affordable health insurance? You want all my teeth gone, that’s what you told me satan. Why, did you move to my heart and threaten to kill me? Huh? You really saved me!

Satan is a liar.

I hate people who chose satan over Jesus. You work for satan when you involve yourself into deciving others for money. It makes you a false prophet when you sit down in church on Sunday, and work for the enemy on Monday.

I took a picture of the wall, and the waitresses run away. Are you down for the cause too? Did he tell you to talk to me like a child too? That is why I corrected you.

But, God bless you. I want you to know that demons are paying you off.

To all my fellow christians, just as you act like a christian and perform good deeds, satanic followers perform bad deeds.

I already have this thing in my head I am battling and do not need your extra negativity satan. Leave the hateful games behind. Get behind me by the blood of Jesus!

I am ready to claw someone’s eyes out! Time to read the word.


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