First Watch

(Egg-Sclusives-Market Hash)

I am not just going to write a review about how good the food tasted. I am not doing it. That was my thought process, until a contractor shouldering a leaf blower came by and blew grass and dust motes onto my plate.

Now, I will write it, I thought. Because I sat with enjoyment, naming all pleasantries about how juicy the mushrooms are and how they were placed in the right spot underneath my over-medium eggs.

As soon as I put a fork to it, yellow yoke streamed down and mixed itself with roasted red peppers, spinach and squared potatoes.

The potatoes tasted crispy on its lower layer, savory flavor melted on my tongue, a creative mix of spices paired with mozzarella.

Every bite was held inside my mouth, chewed upon very slowly until the flavor dissipated. It was that kind of meal.

I experienced what you would name a Gourmet Breakfast.

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