How A Former Hobby Found Me

Behind the glass, jeweled gems flashed and sparkled. I am a woman. There is a necklace I would purchase. Those earrings enhance the “work outfit”. That bracelet, and those rings I’d gift to my daughter.

After a few seconds, all of my attention landed on this wallet.

Stamps! I use to collect stamps as a child. How did I forget? In storage, I have a box of old stamps collected from the 1980s, 1990s, and so on. Some stamps cost 1 cent, others cost 5 cents.

It is so important to get out, walk about and explore (even if forced). I was lost until I came upon an item that reminded me of who I am.

I was this child. I am that woman, it is apart of me. I appreciate the hobby. As a child, it got me through tough times, my joy enhanced.

To my knowledge my family was poor. We could not afford extra items.

I use to walk to the local store, and pull out bill inserts from magazines like Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Jet, Ebony.

When I arrived at home, I would mail them off in hopes of receiving a free magazine in the mail. I loved to read.

Back then, on almost every page, Cosmopolitan had free samples and trials for products.

I learned how to style my hair, dress, model. I gained hope, I learned beauty tips that helped me grow into a beautiful young woman.

One magazine offered free stamps. I learned how to collect stamps as a hobby, and over time, began to pile up on my collection. I learned joy.

Great sentiments manifested within.


I leaned forward and appreciated the small pictures painted on the wallet. No, they are not pictured stamps. Instead, they are pictures within white frames, they are pictures that mirror the look of stamps, they are the light that sparks wonder in your mind.

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