This one is for you Officer

They are deceivers Officer

Officer: They (FBI) keep saying she isn’t real and that she is fake

Other Officer: Eyebrows raise

Self: Ok Officer, I am going to tell you what they are doing. They are practicing witchcraft and black magic on the thing insidebmy head. If they say that I am fake, they are cursing me. When they continue to hypnotize and repeat that I am fake inside my mind, my mind shuts down and I pass out, dissappear because my mind believed it.

They will say whatever they can to not get caught out. Or, I’m sorry, ” To get out”.

That is how they killed Jesus. You know, he lost his mind, remember? He was in his mind, and they got into his mind. Then he woke up and kicked their ass.

When they say disconnect him or her, what they are really saying is remove his or her silver cord.

Once your silver cord is removed, it is even harder for God to hear HIS PEOPLE. But, he is still around.

That is why Officer, meditation and I am affirmations is important. The thing in my head does what it is told to do. If a ghost gets in, or a demon, I am black toast. Then, they tell this thing to erase everything I did yesterday, and the memories of my family. Sometimes they even plan my day! They tell this thing, if Danielle goes to Panda Express, she’s going to piss herself, when she goes to the hotel, make her look like she has a booger hanging out of her nose. When she talks to the police, make her look and act retarded.

Those are called curses. Officer, I do not have a mental disorder. Although, one of them got into my head and said Danielle has pschitophrenia, I am just kidding.

Guess who said that? A white male police officer I use to work with in CT. He works for the FBI. He is prejudice btw, and claims he is my slave owner, and he must be, because he is doing this to me. His girlfriend is hotter than me, and he deserves my life too, he grabs women by the private part. Etc. He is white Officer. After he said that, another mason, oh sorry, I mean, police officer said I’m not doing that to her.

Apparently officer, my daughter is up there being held hostage with them. It is 3 of them. Him and another short one set ne up, and are scared of the tall one. One of them is very tall and is a serpent as well. They are recruiting demons officer, and stealing money.

Its payday!

They are Masons that worship satan- a goat god Officer. Alot of law enforcement that are Masons worship the goat God I heard.

That means they kill me Officer. They commit murder. The thing in my head curses me to kill me. The thing in my head wants my money officer. The thing in my head erases things on my phone, phonecalls, bank account etc. It is because I have witches around me. I feel everything they do to me officer. Just before you came up to me, they shared a conversation with each other about how my private part looks, and how my ex was stupid, and how I am never getting out of wherever they are holding me because of it. Some of them are animals Officer. Bizarre right?

Now, you might see me in Hawaii or elsewhere, and may beleive that it is me. Or you might see me in another country, but that is not me.

I am real Officer, or at least my mind is. I feel real, I am here. What they are doing is flipping the truth on me. Because this reality is fake, they instead curse my mind and say I am fake so that i cannot get out but continue to have a mental bondage on my mind. Do I have to defend my persons for an investigation to take place. The FBI is lying to you Officer. It is really me. They really hire people to do this to other people. It is really something underground going on Officer.

Pretty soon, they are going to offer you money to do the same thing to me. Come join our team because it is fake and she does not care. We try to help her all the time. Officer, they are lying to you. I am threatened everyday, and they are nervous that if I get out, I will talk. I’m going to be put into the hospital tonight.

My God is greater than their God. My God shut them down Officer!

God won this fight.

I hear them screaming at someone right now Officer. I can hear someone say stop writing Danielle, please don’t write anymore. Sometimes it is real, other times Officer, it is a mind game to have my conscience worried and bound up thinking about actions taking place elsewhere.

That is what is going on. And, they hire criminals to stalk me, and they pay them off too.

And now, they threatened to harm someone’s pride and joy if the doors do not open for them because they are locked out. What is the password! I run the United States of America. Whoever they are brainwashing, that is what they are saying right now.

Someone figured them out and took what they stole.

They are paying people off? With whose money you might ask? Bingo!!! My money Officer, from REAL LIFE.

Will is one of them. And, they are blaming the Illuminati, when it is really these:


I’m going to tell you what they told me.

Watch Focus.

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