Please Come Back & Break This Routine

So apparently I am in Babylon again, on trial again, I am in…where? I think that I know what is going on, and it has nothing to do with that. If it were true, then you would have to explain to me why I have been “on trial” since childhood. I never killed anyone. I don’t commit bad deeds. I have always been the shy, sweet girl.

I am almost dead again. I laugh because I… something is trying to make me hate people.

I have been thinking, I haven’t seen my real family in over 6 years, I carry my bookbag around, walking, and “they” keep telling me it is the army doing this to me, everyday they brainwash me to make me believe this is real, tell me a whole bunch of lies and laugh the entire time as they watch me–I mean, spy on me.

Lastnight, something made me act like I was in the army. It means I am possessed. Anytime something makes you do an action you have not thought about, you are possessed.

My plan lastnight was to meditate after I showered. I saw something green in my vision before I passed out. At 2 something, I woke up with a towel on not remembering what happened to me. How did I fall asleep that way? Did I even wash my hair?

Before I woke up at 8am??, I had nightmares. I saw my family crying because something was harming me in some other reality. They were wailing. I saw a few celebrities under possession. Whatever is in my head looks like a Venus Flytrap.

That is what they want me to believe!

God, please let it be fake.

Prior to being “Put to sleep”, I read the mormon bible.

I saw a different world this morning. I saw another husband, and some entity using my soul, having sex with him. And the sun removed the entity off of him.

And this entity, is the same kind of entity, that killed Jesus.

She is a head crawler.

Then I saw a man in mist.

I saw bright white light. I did something wrong. I didn’t lead. But then I remembered, I didn’t have to.

But, I do not know who he is. I do not think it was Jesus. Why? Because, when I see a different version of Jesus, I see spirit women around him. This one seemed like

a powerful warrior wielding magic.

And before you say, well, you talk about Jesus like he is not a powerful warrior.

Ugh, I have seen Jesus in armor. I am afraid. Even as I write this, I am worried.


Question. How many costumes do you have?


Still dreaming but awake:

I was under the impression this morning that this man who is tall with straight brown hair mid length to his shoulders, he is someone really important. A God, but I don’t know who. My Spirit husband? He and others were in a white, grayish mist. He had other men spirits around him, and when I was near him they all hugged me, kissed me, touched me. And I felt it was a blessing because the men spirits are apart of him and if he feels love, desire, whatever he feels, they feel as one, and you feel all of it at once.

He is one.

And that is what I need to be, that is how we need to be, because if you are not one, the spirits around and within you, turn against you.

In the Word it says noone can take your blessing. I am not worried someone has my blessing, I would like out of this reality and back to life.

Have I missed the point somewhere?

Where am I today? India?

Am I suppose to act like I am in the Army? Because, when you are away from your family for such a long period of time, normally, you hear about those kind of stories from people away serving.

I never joined the army. But here, we are acting and suppose to get the non-verbal communication.

I woke up this morning and was reminded that I have a serious infection in my back tooth that shoots up to the nerves in my brain. I have no health insurance.

Post about God, Go swimming, Don’t drink coffee.

Frustrated, I walked out the hotel where I stayed, refusing to listen to anyone but me.

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