Q & A

A few days ago, I was asked a number of questions. Sometimes, we talk, and then the conversation never happened.

I stood here. In my mind, a question asked me:

What would you wear?

I scanned the clothes on the rack and said to myself, not me, not me, not me.

I would wear this sweater

I would wear blue denim jeans, perhaps pink lipstick, a smile. My hair, I would wear it straightened and out. Chunky tan leather heels.

The voice spoke outloud to me:

What would your husband wear? He refers to the husband I met while in spirit, from my spiritual awakening.

I cross the street.

This. But, the pants are too high on the heel
He would wear this black leather jacket with jogging pants.

I like his hair when it is up in a bun.

He dresses like a model.

How do I know him so well?

Then I walked to look at the other clothes.

We have children. We are blessed.

He is not conceited. He cares family.

He is my dream husband gifted by God.


Then I wonder, is my husband spying on me?


I have ghost police that hang around me. One of them is slow. They always plot to set me up. Genuine intimate moments happen, and they come along to wreck it.

They said look at this picture:

Doesn’t she look like so and so and we could say that to set her up.

And I am thinking right now, that my husband is blessed.

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