I dislike a person who takes from you and loans you what they stole, then act like they are doing you a favor when what was loaned was yours from the start.

I steal $5.00 from you. You are broke, you have nothing. You come up to me and ask me if you can borrow from me.

I give you $1.00 and say don’t spend it all in one place because I am broke.

You know you are wrong when you steal someone’s birthright and then act like it belongs to you.

You know you are wrong when you try to hack into someone’s phone, computer and brain, to take their belongings. You have no meaning in life, no purpose because of your career choice.

I know who you are, you own this building. You walk in and ask how much it is to rent here and I over price it, knowing it is free to you because you own it.

I pray for those lost souls, the ones who do not embody sentimental value.

When Jesus gives salvation to us, we work for him. We work for free, happy to live out our purpose, dedicating our work to God. We give back to humanity like Jesus. We teach each other hope.

Freedom is freedom from all bondage. God promised us that, and makes good on his Word.

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