Notes. When you catch them out of the act.

Does this ever happen to you?

I can hear everything they are saying. They are having a conversation about me. I heard one of them say we tell them all that.

I know it is a clear cloak because I saw it 3 times already. It is my blessing, not theirs. And they attacked my native ancestor.

You might look outside and think you just see the air, but you may be spied on by a entity or regular being in costume with this kind of cloak.

And yes, it is real. And I know that some of them know my ex and are hiding things from him about me because I heard a conversation they shared.

See, they are suppose to be coming back to save my life, but instead of doing that, they are fooling around with me and acting like it is something else. They know my ex, and lie to him about me. I heard them say oh, it is really sad because all he ever wanted was her and people keep getting in and its never her.

The point is I’ve been kept from my loved ones.

One of them is in costume, blonde. But she is not blonde and has a voice like carmen electra. She sounds like her. And they are talking about money right now. They are literally right next to me to my right.

They just mentioned Kid Capri. And that I’m braindead. Also, they keep calling themselves my nigga.

One of them earlier said it was Tiny because I thought she resembled Ms. Piggy and she took offense to it. I meant no disrespect, it was a private thought in my head.

What people do not understand is that you are being watched behind the tv screen. Some people that watch you create movies and shows about your life.

There are shows that have scripts with things about me in them. Same coincidences, etc.

I also would like to tell you that I saw whitney houston alive and I saw michael jackson alive.

And although what I am writing might be an illusion, she said give me her life when she dies.

My ex is supposedly hostage on this boat and they are forcing him to have sex with other women using my soul.

And he is crying right now because I can feel the tears falling down my face.

There is alot of underhanded things going on upstairs that you guys don’t know about. When you meditate and break the matrix you’re going to see the truth.

This is hell and you think all these people are dying, and your loved ones are passing away but in truth, they have moved on because Jesus saved them.

We are in a testament of faith right now and you are suppose to be spiritually fighting and challenging the bs fed to you on television to get out of here.

Jesus really does come here to get you out.

Once you break the matrix you will really “see” the truth.


Oh, it isn’t my ex crying, it is my daughter. She’s always crying for me and they don’t know why.

Now, they are comparing myself with a sibling. My sibling is better than me because I wrote this and stuck them out.

My sibling knows what it is and keeps her mouth shut 🙄.

I am hired. 😵.

More lies.


Time to go eat breakfast now.

What I do know to be true is what I just saw, the tears, television, God and salvation, and my vision about celebrities.

It is great until I am hararassed up to this point. You have my attention. What do you want. Are you here to help me?

Let me tell you something, I don’t care about the presidency and neither does the spirits in me. I do not get sucked into fak news and propaganda anymore because God showed me the truth.

Do not involve me in your games.

I just want whomever reads this to know I don’t expect help from law enforcement. They can’t help me and I do not want it. Not from them.

This is a spiritual battle. I need to fight and build with God.

Time to pray, read the word.


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