Don’t act like them

Anytime I see mold or smell It, I immediately leave. Brown streaks on the wall, toilet tissue on the floor, garbage scattered about. I treat the place of business or wherever I am the same.

That’s how you want to live? Ok. Sometimes I make a statement that shows a clear distinction of what satan is, and what Jesus is about.

Why? Because it is the enemy. The enemy is okay living in funk, smelly crap, moldy walls, garbage. Cat litter stench, dog poop. Dirty clothes, a mouth a cursewords, farts, burps, boogers, filthy nails, sour feet because they want it like that and do not care.

They aren’t forced to live this way, they are okay living this way.

Do you know anyone who lives like this? What kind of person do you think owns a dirty business?

I never eat from a place that prepares food in the kitchen while another employee sweeps the floor.

Do you like to eat dust, grit, and filth in your food?

I went to Dunkin’ Donuts today. The bathroom had poop on the floor near the garbage, toilet paper everywhere like it was halloween. I told the lady up front near the register.

“Oh, that’s not poop. It’s a cartoon”

I said yeah, understanding what she meant. Earlier, I laughed at a woman who had a tattoo on the back of her elbows that read stay away.

I turned the tables, I treated her like she was the actress I watch in this miserable show. Stay away? Ahahahahaha.

I snickered at a man who wore a Harley Davidson Jacket that read he was more than fine, he was okay with his life.

Ahahahah…I am not okay.

If this is a fake reality, a cartoon, don’t think that I am one of these characters.

If you act like them, they treat you like them.

I am NOT ok with the bathroom, or this life. I am NOT ok with the garbage on the street, smelling nasty cigarettes in the air, perfumed weed, funk.

I deserve better.

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