Yesterday, or shall I say History

I had visions of India, the people there who watched, helped me. I thought of Chillenda, Krishna. I did not eat Koshary, because they do not serve that popular ancient Egyptian dish.

I was in India. The Paneer was good. I enjoyed basmati, homemade cheese and spinach.

Then I stumbled into the Garden Of Eden. And as far as the apple and snake goes, I had already received the knowledge both good and bad from my spiritual awakening. If I had not mentioned before, or if you did not know, the kundalini is the snake, the hand that gives you the apple and says you can eat it. After your heart chakra and mind is released, you will have knowledge exposed to you. Make sure you praise the right God because it could go bad if you do not.

But, before entering the Garden of Eden, I acknowledged that it was a circle I was on, a track. How many gardens should I visit? How many gardens have I visited in the past. It was time for past-time, a new action, I thought.

But I had already enacted on every new venture one could imagine. How is it that the past keeps catching up and planning my day?

It knows all the things I USE TO DO.

I do not want to be that person of the past, living today. Meaning, I am changed for the better, but I am still loving. I still love you. I still love you Danielle 🙂. I am still myself, but have elevated from the dozen roses and garden visits.

Yes, I love myself. I love my heart.

I do not have to embrace the culture I adopted, that was a paradigm, an applied stamp for a time being. But, I held onto my heart along the way. I may have forgotten the attitude, but I grasped the love I had for people in my past.

It should not be “Never Forget Where You Came From” or ” Never Forget Who You Are” because then it may be difficult for you to move on from a made up character for this life, this life of acts. Here, they also call that character, swag, attitude . . .ego.

We can make life easier by telling each other,

“Always Remember The Love You Had In Your Heart For Yourself And Others”.

People might falsely believe you act brand new because you moved on. You did not shut the ones you loved, out of your heart. What you became was a new person, healed, whole and loving.

If you turn on the television, an actress will express the “made up” person you were. And if you had not known, you were acting out the role you saw on television. That culture stays, belongs here, and is your lifejacket as you swim to stay alive here in this life where the new love you feel in your heart is too pure to exist at such a low dimension where pain, hate, evil, and toxicity exists.

But, why the garden today? Why not a family member’s house or a hug from a loved one?

But I am on foot and I need a bathroom and chair to rest a bit.

I walk in and snap these photographs and a voice speaks to me.

It says:


Remember your promise . . .

An Invitation

Remember your promise . . .

God loves you

Remember your promise . . .

It confirmed what I battled inside. Is Jacob Israel being used as a device by the enemy to harm us Israelites? Is Jacob A Reel? Was I fooled, tricked. Get me out of here! I am almost out of this spiritual maze, both mental and physical.

Yesterday, I received reassurance and encouragement, a hope that Jacob Israel is real.

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