A Lesson To Learn

That you cannot learn from the classroom.

I am in the casino, a door opens.

I sit next to an old woman. She has $400.00 in her hand and she is winning on the machine that I choose to play first.

You know how that is, you pick a machine to play and all of a sudden you have to use the bathroom or run to the atm. And when you come back, you stand and watch someone slip right into the seat you were just about to sit in.

I said, ok. I can wait.

So, I stood there for a while. Then, I took a seat next to her. I had $10.00, but the machine where I was seated was a penny machine as well. Therefore, it did not matter much to me because she was almost finished (I sought out the penny machines instead of the machines that required higher bids).

But I sat and watched her press the buttons on the machine, and as I sat I voice spoke within me.

If I could just take the money out of her hands and leave. I need the money.

I found something within me, that waited, wanted to rush her and snatch it away.

Follow her and make sure you take it from her because she non-chalantly waved it in her hands.

“You been here a while”, I asked. I didn’t sound like myself.

She looked at me with a glazed look. Her mouth didn’t move, and she had a glossy tear in her eye. The tear was the kind of tear most senior citizens have welled in their eyes. “For a week” She said, “I lost $42,000, and I’m trying to get it back.”

I wondered if she were lying to me. Money in her hand and yes, she looks somewhat desperate. She has the look in her face but it seemed as if money weren’t an issue for her. I offered a suggestion.

“You should leave”.

“I am winning it back”.

Something in me read that she really did not care, that something within her taught a long lesson she had yet to understand. Money, $42,000 in one week? She did not notice or see it, but I did.

There was a fog in her head, a cloud around her so thick she was too blind to see it.

I looked to the money in her hand. She was down to $100.00. God said to me, the experience to her, the theft would mean nothing to her because she is losing her money. She keeps losing, and has not learned anything yet.

“Guess who that is”, he asked me. “That is not an old lady”.

I looked closely. She played like a seasoned player, smacking the buttons, touching the screen as if it were touch screen. She acted young, with the excitement of a person in her youth.

I had to act now.

A door opened, I climbed up a step. I was not stopping.

“Yeah”, the old lady offhandedly said. “The lady serving drinks, I’ve been looking for her. I want coffee.”

Ok. You been here this long and have not asked for coffee.

“She’s coming back”, I said.

I played the game. I also played on the machine in front of me.

I looked to my left. The old lady was down to $33.00.

Then we both heard a chipper voice.

“Here is your hot chocolate and cappuccino”, the waitress announced before she carefully placed the cups down near me. I informed her that the person next to me would like coffee.

After the waitress delivered the coffee, I noticed a change in the old lady.

“I would give you a tip but ahhh, I don’t have money.” My eyes squinted a bit as I watched her shrug and lie to the waitress. She was not the confused, sad, old lady anymore.

She was out of character.


Could you corner her and steal from her?

My morals reasoned. She was lost, she had the glazed look. Well, I told her to leave, I bit back.

So what, is this my new assignment now?

A voice in my heart told me not to spend my money, but leave and wash my clothes instead. My being told me to keep talking to her, fool her, trick her, follow her. Take her money because I need it and this was her lesson to learn. She was in debt and money was the devil that kept her in rapture.

I looked to the screen in front of me. In its reflection, I saw a person behind me holding a rectangular like camera above my head. He was filming me.

It’s really an act. I had to act now.

The old lady is an actress, a paradigm. A character out of a movie acting a role. I have to beat her in some way.

What should I do? Filming. This is a movie. A quote. I need to find a casino movie and act like a character in a movie.

A quote? Yes.

I turned around at the camera and saw a man instead, he held a broom, rolled it on the ceiling above his head.

I know what this means. I can’t stop. If I stop I lose.

I heard my family scream, “You’re Winning Danielle”. I heard my family cheer, “Keep going Danielle!”

I picked up my phone, quickly looked for a casino movie and found a few good quotes.

I looked to the old lady.

“In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else.”

I waited for a response.

She nodded as if to show that she heard me, but continued to smack the machine. I kept going.

“I mean, God forbid they should make a mistake and forget to steal.”


The old lady picked herself up from the machine before telling me that there was a lot of money in the machine-her money.


Afterwards, I sat in my seat and wondered if they somehow turned the tables on me.

It was a lesson to learn, but for whom?

The voice in my being wanted action. If I took the money from this thing that is fake, or at least appeared fake, what would happen to me? It spoke to my entire body.

The voice in my heart wants me safe, but does not understand all that is going on. And because he tells me to stay and play it safe, loud voices scream that he is Satan. And they, the voices are referring to Jesus. I am out of alignment and he cannot see everything, but he is still here and they have it really confused.

They say that Jesus and the bible is Satan, a lie to keep me and other people here in this dimension, but that is not true. If I had my head on right, my heart in tact, my mind where it should be, and my consciousness in the right place, Jesus would be able to tell me more because then, I would be in alignment to receive his help.

And they, the souls that tell me information from their misguided, ill-informed logic and experiences, were out of alignment and went a different way with the understanding that Jesus is Satan out to oppress them.

I am not being mean, I am telling you that you are wrong.

He is not Satan. Please remember that he SUFFERED FOR YOU TO LIVE.

That means he was murdered, okay?

If you cannot hear him it is because you have the head crawlers and heart crawlers in you. It means you need to exercise, read the Word, fast, eat vegetables and fruit, get some rest, I mean extra rest, shut off your phone, get away from the city for a while until you wake up and God, the one in your heart, can then truly instruct you on what to do.

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