The Past Few Days-The Power Went Out

-Apparently, last night, the power went out at the hotel where I slept. There are people here who are “freaked out”

-This morning, I have been told and “bossed” around about what to post here, and as I wrote, I could hear a voice speaking what I would write. Prior to that, I heard a group of people down talk this website to make themselves appear or seem better to have access to my website to takeover and fix it with their bullshit, dogshit-oh I am sorry, i meant talent…..okay dog

-Yesterday I was made to believe someone hacked into my phone after hearing a series of what is her password….okay doggie

-Two days ago I had about 5 ghost things in my head attacking me so i can pass out-which I did, and everytime they attacked me, they showed me a life lived by someone else….okay dog

-Two days ago as i took photos of a plant, a google car with a camera drove past me and was recording the area. Lastnight while i slept, something spoke to me and said this is what you are now, and showed me the view of a recording outdoors as if to say the camera in my mind belongs to the government and google to use to record. I saw the video and pictures……..okay doggie

-Ten minutes ago, I heard a white older man say call the cops again on me so that I tell them a whole bunch of lies about you because they believe me……okay dog.

The wicked plays, rolls marbles on the rooftop

In real life, no one wears a mask.

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