I Wonder

I recently posted this song Favorite Playlist: Lauren Daigle, after replaying it 4 times. I cried. I cried so much as I walked with tears streamed down my face and looked to the people near me, my surroundings. I wondered what was going on upstairs because things do not seem right.

War. All I see is war.

Listen to the words of this song. Does it sound like you? Is Jesus okay? Where is Jesus?

Can you hear me? Let me explain.

I am not the only one who receives mixed messages. We hear it in music, we read it in stories, we hear it in testimonials.

I thought about a famous preacher who had lost about five of her family members and was vocal about her misfortune. I thought about my misfortune.

Then, I said wait a minute, this is not Jesus. He cares more about us. He cares about his people. He takes care of us.

We have received the same messages from upstairs, an auto response as if Jesus himself programmed a paradigm (an image of himself) and is on vacation somewhere instead, on a beach relaxing (I hope).

Then, I thought about the times I felt pain and new I did something wrong and I wondered if he was in pain somewhere. We are in Jesus and the things that happen to us, happen to him on a grander scale. Except it is reversed. We are the byproduct of him. So, when times are hard I guessed he was going through pain and us being the byproduct of feeling that pain through pain of our own.

His followers have been under attack by the enemy for quite some time and I know that, or suspect that war is going on upstairs. I know that us Isrealites, his true people should be representing him as best as we ought too.

I said I need to be more presentable, post videos again and try harder as more tears streamed down my face.

I saw the kingdom. I have been there and I can tell you that there are a select people within him in his kingdom. Isrealites. Children of the light. I am talking about his people who have broken the matrix.

We were comfortable 7 years ago but we need to act now because the Kingdom has shifted open.

You know something is wrong here.

I am telling you that going to church and living this life is not what Jesus wants for you. He wants you alive near him where everyday is a celebration.

Read Daniel. Fast, Meditate, Spread the word and Pray for 21 days.

God loves you.


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