I Like Margarine

Don’t tell me this means that I’m blessed. It is the enemy, a demon. It is white with sharp teeth.

I saw the demon, and the few people controlling it to make me see things that aren’t real, are a few people I knew from the past.

I saw Michael and Vinny. Remember them Marci? Remember when we were kids there mother use to scream at there father to put the steaks on the grill outside? It was an ongoing joke. Remember we use to act it out?

I saw Michael and our cousin Michael morphed into one being.

The question is why?

They do not want me to remember, and everytime I “win” as they say, they use this thing to put more curses on me to put the dead on a pedestal.

I see alot of people in photographs with this thing flying around them. Has your life been worse off then before?

Are you being helped or made to be the fool?

Do you feel God in your heart?

This morning God told me not to drink coffee anymore. It was a painful whisper.

As I walked something made me trip, and broke my flipflops- that is God. Does that mean someone is making fun of the fact I paid $1.08 for my shoes? Probably.

We are at war.

This morning I felt it penetrate me. I said you have a small penis. I don’t gave sex with demons. It was a ghost, demon, dog with blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s the one who broke into my house 7 years ago, he must be enforcement because he’s still here.

He’s on my face now, spying?

I walked to look for food this morning and wasn’t hungry. I heard them say make her use her food stamp card, then, I felt anger from this thing because I’m not on food stamps. Then I heard, ah ha. I kept walking and smelled weed being smoked near me. I turned to see who it was and the faces changed on the people seated, “eating” there food. I kept walking and this demon thing flew to a black man hunched forward. He had a drink near him and turned when I looked at him.

So, is this monkey in the middle or capture the flag again?

At Panera, I heard an hispanic woman say your my bitch for the rest of your life.

A man in line at checkout just stood in line with his food without paying for it and I looked at his items and he had butter that was called President.

Something is going on.

As I walked to my hotel room I heard a man within me say they are making people think satan is Jesus.

In my hotel room, after a few days of seeing this man cry, he said Danielle kill yourself so he can live. He said come on Danielle you know who you are. I’ll get her here! It’s the Illuminati Danielle, oh my gosh! You are not doing this to people! Then they raped him. He said you don’t know what it is. The way he screamed, I felt his thoughts and new he saw monsters. Then I heard people laugh and say, he thinks it’s real. Danielle, he said. “They are the antichrist.”

It is not the Illuminati, you give them YOUR POWER when you say that because you lost your power.

Today I have less than what I did yesterday. I am doing something wrong here.

I saw an ex in my vision say noone knows where she is, we’re ok.

In my room, I heard a man say you will never control me. Is she in the room? Ok we got her food, and a room. She might swim-the usual. She’s good.

I am not a dog.

The demon tries to flip the table to play Jesus.

This demon you see flying in the picture will show you all kinds of things.

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