Lust (Naked in all the wrong ways)

I sat in front of the computer. I was there for 15 minutes wondering why I could not post on my page.

Maybe it isn’t the right time. It is Sunday, and God wants me to rest. That must be it.

The elevator dinged. I looked up, then looked down. I covered my forehead with my hand.

A woman walked off with her chest out and with denim shorts about 5 sizes too small, on. She looked like the same woman I saw at the airport, who made her “ass clap” while loud music played. I’m not sure because, they all look the same.

Tight cheap clothes and long cheap hair.

Her boyfriend sat in the driver’s seat, he smiled. I saw pride. I have a winner, he must have thought.

Head still down, I waited for her to turn the corner out of my view. A hispanic man crossed path with her and stopped in front of the elevator. He looked at me and squinted because I watched him stop, and make a show of eyeing this woman as if she were his dinner for the evening. I mean meat, not sex.

So, he approached me with black coal eyes. He made an aggressive grunt, approached the computer next to me, looked at me again, then looked to the man seated in the hotel lobby, and nodded, looked to the door behind me, then nodded, before turning to get on the elevator.

He acted very much like a territorial dog.


Is this the new Hip Hop?

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