Good Morning,

I am writing this with tears in my eyes, mostly because of other spiritual going-ons in and outside of my life-of our lives.

It is a very long list, and non of it is good.

There is so much to fix. But, I would like to address this post:

Lust (Naked in all the wrong ways)

The purpose of that post was to tell you what I see. The message was to showcase lost souls.

We are lost in ego.

What are you competing for that makes you act this way? Don’t you know there is better for you out here if you try a littler harder in your heart?

The actions I illustrated in the Lust post showed you Ego. The Ego is not you, it is not your life. It is a lifejacket while you swim lost in this sea.

The Ego is an act, it is not you. It is a removable SEAL. What is a SEAL in the Bible? We can break the SEAL, just follow what I instruct you to do at the end of this letter.

But I know that God does not want you to degrade yourself and act the way you do.

And I know why you act this way, and I am sorry that the enemy has you convinced that this is your only way out.

Did you know that God has an army that fights the enemies army to get your soul to you? They actually fight for you, the person who has been lost for so many years.

Yes, they watch you and yes, they all love you very much. They love you so much that they suffer in pain sometimes to get you home.

You are a lost soul. Where is your soul by the way? When you undergo a spiritual awakening, God gives you your soul back.

Do you know how much work it took to get your soul back to you?

Can you show God that you care more about your life, that you love yourself, so that he can start the long process of getting your soul back to you?

I’m sorry if you didn’t know this, but I am asking you for a few things:

-Please stop smoking

-Please stop drinking

-Please stop cursing

-Please stop watching television and Youtube videos, not unless you watch what I give to you

-Please stop eating meat first, then fast from all food for 1-2 days

-Please pray for forgiveness, go outdoors away from the city and exercise. Avoid people because the enemy will try to distract you through them. Don’t tell anyone what you are doing and why.

-Please watch these videos, they saved my life. I also had support from someone who is discipled in the church.

Save your life by finding your life:

Listen to these videos at night while you sleep-

Please penetrate your brain waves here. You need to reprogram your mind because your mind is electric and impressionable. Please google how much electricity is in your brain. You live what you think, so can you please figure out why it is very important, that instead of watching soap operas and reality tv, to then live out those fake lives, that hypnotism and videos on uplifting and penetrating your brainwaves is important? Please take care of your brain. Your brain needs a higher frequency. I listen to mozart, classical music, high frequency music on tv while guided meditation on my phone through earplugs. Then, I meditated that this life was fake. I knew that my life was fake because I verified it by observation here: Observation-Here is the greatest gift you will ever receive

I listen to these video at times with my windows covered in complete silence. These videos saved my life:

Do not read the word unless you feel compelled to, but please watch, and your favorite sermons.

I know what is going to happen to you. You’re going to break the matrix. God is going to give you your purpose here. Quit your job and listen to him.

He is in your heart, not your mind.

I love you and wish you the best of luck!



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