I saw a woman in my face today, and I feel disappointment in my heart. She has the same hair color and cut as me, except we do not look alike. Her cheekbones are big on her red face.

I asked her if she enjoyed my facial.

I heard her ask a man in my hotel room what she should do because I figured out that they are taking turns spending my money on the other side.

He told her to treat me like I am retarded, tell her what to wear. Then, I had something supernatural tell me to wear a different skirt, then she paused, then she said put this makeup on.

To get a rise out of her, I said you are a thief, Hispanics are known to steal, to carry knives to cut people. I told her I should have known.

I waited.

This woman is working with Balphomet to steal from me.

She said I’m sorry Danielle, I took your apartment. You won and I took your apartment. Danielle I am a police officer, we are all police and we did this to you.

Before I saw this woman, I was laying in the bed, meditating. The bed began to move as if there were a man in the room mushing the other side of the bed up and down.

I took my earphones off and looked to my left. Frightened. I was frightened because I didn’t know or see who it was.

Then I felt someone go into my face and made me feel happiness, like I knew who it was near me and that I was happy to have it close. Whatever it was just brainwashed me.

I took a shower, but it began to tell me what to do until I saw the 30 something hispanic woman in thr mirror after I got out the shower.

Why am I dissappointed?

I meditated, I forgave, I did all that I could and I heard God tell me not to eat, but to fast.

Then I felt something grab my toe, and push the bed. Afterwards, I saw a person with the same hair color, haircut. I was going to get a facial yesterday because I had stayed outside for two days without a shower. I had grime on my face and needed a deep cleaning.

(That is partly why I stayed outside overnight. Something supernatural thinks it can treat me like a mindless whore)

This woman clearly had a facial yesterday because her red face indicated it. But she was not directly in front of me, she is in another dimension somewhere watching, following, and acting like me.

I am tired of ghosts within me acting like God. And I am wondering here, what is next because the enemy and is willful followers literally follow me to steal and ruin my plans to “get ahead”.

I felt something pinch my private area a few days ago, and saw who it was.

That happened here

A white man who is a witch in spirit. He is another one stealing from me. God just told me that he is a dog.

I noticed that when I go to the hood, they leave me alone.

A few days ago, I heard him and his friends crying. They confessed to someone that they slept with me and I seduce them and that was the reason why. No. You are just a terrible person is what I wanted to shout but couldn’t.

I may be in spirit but I can still hear real life conversations people have.

A few days ago I heard them say that they wanted to takeover my website next. My main concern here, are the attacks I have undergone within the past week.

The demon (seals) in my head caused me to pass out at least 9 times, mostly when I try to meditate to get rid of them:

I was going to write an article last week about a celebrity and something evil stated no, I am. You are not…almost as if to say you aren’t black enough to have that spotlight. I have alot of bitter souls that hang out around me.

I do not ask God what did I do to deserve this. Why? It is Satan.

Right now I do not have the hope that I did this morning. I do have alot of posts to make up.

What I am going to do is stop listening to whatever is trying to steer me down the wrong path.

I am sitting in a chair outside at a local restaurant. I overhear a patron say that he was stopped at a stoplight and the car next to him pressed the gas and sped away. I wanted to say the same thing happened to me, because it did. He has a demon in his head showing him fake things. Perhaps I will go tell him that its either the cops or gangster aliens making you dumb to trap you.

He is very loud, outspoken. In a party of three, he has dominated the conversation.

He is too free, too radical, too liberated with his opinions.

Now he is talking about conviction, the senate and presidency.


So, I just told him what it was showing him an illusion. He looked suprised, and said he will start meditating to get it off of him.

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