A Message

I will post throughout the day as I record and update photographic images in this post : WIP: Trapped Soul

I will also question what I see, what I know, along with history. History is fixed in a way to give us just enough to figure out the real truth.

I challenge history and the lies we know in text.

The spiritual awakening is the scientific method.

During my spiritual awakening, I felt tremendous love by Jesus. Jesus, gives you joy, peace and happiness in the mind and heart. Jesus, does not make you feel loss, pain, or confusion while leading you to your physical salvation.

Satan has fooled alot of people who have followed him.

What I know is what I was shown during my awakening when God opened my eyes, chakras, and showed me the real truth.

If you are a wizard, druid, gifted by God with truth, but also a well travelled person who has been to Egypt and other places in Africa, please respond if you know where the structure is that I am going to post. Why? There are souls that may have been mummified and trapped, they have been raped and tortured and I have heard them cry and I have seen them mindless and tormented.

The souls might belong to holy ones, tribes or figures from the Bible that we have read about.

There is a process with mummification where the soul lingers and lives outside the body. Whoever did this, performed Egyptian Magic on the souls belonging to God and gave real life people new souls belonging to the enemy.

I have seen my soul and others in this stone like structure and need to know where it is.

Remember when I talked about lost souls here: Ego

This place is where your soul is.

All the souls here are under a spell.

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