“The Underground Railroad”

No child left behind should be apart of the “Underground Railroad”, and if it isn’t, then it isn’t the Underground Railroad.

What I have discovered is that the enemy has removed God from people to make them aliens to change them.

Has hired your random whores and street thieves to steal from people, and magicians and wizards to make people see illusions.

They showed ne a young version of my daughter as a monkey. I hear satan on a boat giving orders and feel people in fear.

The enemy has mocked the spiritual awakening process, and has mimicked what the real experience is about.

This is real:

But this is what they are: Pirating thieves

They also have brownosing hypocrites apart of their mission. Their job duty is to nose their way all the way up your ass until they can count how many ass hairs are on your skin, and then tell you where you need to shave. Whatever you discover they steal to protect their “Jesus” and their “Kingdom” so that they can get fucked for the evening. Most of these brownnosers are gay feminine men. These morons stick their bare asses out with a smile as if to say I did a good deed, now reward me. Iknow what I am talking about, because I saw it. They turn their heads back to say, I am ready to receive you father.

One of these morons stole my phone because “I thought I was getting in, but I’m not” so, he had to steal my phone to kick me out. He said father, I didnt want her to expose you, I am protecting you.

He is also acting like Kanye West and is a monster. This one stole my laptop and said oh you are walking away from your legacy.

His name could be Omar, I don’t know but apparently he did a good job because he’s hired. This thing acts charming but is the enemy. He has a soft voice but sounds like smeagal in lord of the rings. I was at the airport and he made a show of teleporting to a pole next to me to hug it. He leaned his head to the side to appear charming. He said please don’t write your book. Then I learned he dies after it is finished, but the enemy is controlling its nature. Then I saw this thing get evil in a split second. And guess what? It is being told what to do by the enemy. He told me he wanted to be with me to be happy again.

It could be a person who was changed to an alien. His name was Omar if it is him.

But this time (cell phone loss) it was propably the balphomet tranny I saw in the lobby at the hotel who said he was told to get this girl off the property. Referring to me.

I should be on a flight right now. Do you think I am stupid to travel without my contacts alone on an island somewhere?


So, what they stole this time is a picture I captured of either an angel or Julius Caesar. They also took (this is what they are protecting) footage I captured in Brickell to show you a portal.

So instead of getting on my flight today, I’m going to go alllll the way back and recapture what I found about Jesus because they trapped souls in this stone buildinglike tomb by the use of Egyptian Magic, and I think Julius Caesar had something to do with it and THAT is what they have covered up.

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