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This post will change until completion.

If we talk about the time Jesus was alive, then there is Julius Caesar. If there is Julius Caesar, there is the Gaul army. If there were Gaelic people imvolved, there were druids, circles, the fae, and magic.

And of course, if there is Brutus, there is Judas.

The two most important words above are Jesus and magic.

In this post Orion, I stressed the importance of finding the pyramids on the night of and day after the constellation is formed.

The ancients say this is a sign for a way out, an entrance into the pyramids or another dimension.

Depiction of Orion

I recently traveled to Brickell, Miami. I discovered Orion on the street. I would not have discovered it, had I not sought out God from the beginning.

Orion has changed over the past centuries from Poseidon, to Osiris, to a warrior with an arrow aimed.

Greek History: Son of Poseidon. As I captured photos on the night of my discovery, a boat named Poseidon sailed beneath me.

Underneath the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were found: Mummies, treasure, historical texts left out of biblical writings, and a portal to another dimension. They call this place an entrance into the Hall of Amenti. Your name is in the Akashic records there to view. You are considered VIP, a child of light, if you break the Matrix and wind up here (Israel).

Egyptian History

I stumbled upon this area after taking a walk. I had a long day of travel on and off the metrorail.

The first image that caught my eye were the huge stone faces.

It reminded me of the stone structure I saw in visions when my eyes and chakras were opened after spiritual work through meditation. During my spiritul awakening, I saw images by the guidance of God.

In my vision the face was made of stone, but the size of the heads on the IconBrickell building

What made me venture forth was the fact that I saw souls inside this structure from my vision. I do not know where this talking face exists, but it is in another dimension and it traps souls. I saw Egyptians inside moving like zombies under a spell, and I saw my soul and my spiritual husband with me as we escaped this place. God was with us, guiding us out of captivity in spirit. He told us what to do and what not to do and it was the three of us in a cave.

And the talking face looks very much like the faces you see below. So, I headed towards the building to research what I saw. I did not have answers to who did this to these people and why. But I knew that the Gods work through people, and that whoever built this structure, had a God in him, advising him on how to design this structure and area.

The name of this building is IconBrickell.

I recorded a partial video (as much as I could) along with pictures for you to follow my discovery inside and outside of this area.

I stepped inside of the hotel on the right side of this building. The statue of this head caught my attention:

The entire time I wondered who trapped these people  by the use of magic. Who was it? Who is this? Julius Caesar or Adonis? It looks much like Julius Caesar. Why is Julius Caesar a focal point in the hall here?

At that moment I had a feeling in me that spoke Julius Caesar tookover, brainwashed people, concealed what he did and made everyone “happy” to make them forget.

If you have not read my posts before, I can percieve auras, history and paranormal discoveries as a gift from God. Yes, the enemy always tries to attack me, but this moment is a calling from God.

I took another photo after I asked if there were anymore pieces of art or statues. I was told there were two other buildings:

I headed for the other buildings and discovered the following:

Condo lobby behind the face of the building

I asked the concierge who the faces belong to? What do they mean?

He could not give me a name. He said, “I’m not sure if you see it, but every face watches you. It’s the way the faces are positioned, they watch people come and go.”

From my understanding, the faces are depictions of demons-hence the red light. All photos were taken in both lobbies behind the face of the front building. There had to be about 50 plus “demon” heads guarding the lobby.

Going back to what God showed me in spirit, I figured that they were demons who trapped the people I saw inside of the huge stone facial structure. Ok, so they are demons, I thought. But, why did the designer position the faces this way, why so many faces and what message is he trying to convey? What is he telling us here? Who is working within him, delivering this message?

Is he saying…I conquered the demons? I conquered the faces of people who were dead? I saved them, I saved the dead and rised? Know the dead, their heads are faced the other way? Is he saying, demons are guarding the place? They are my demons? What is the message here? Who put it in his mind to build this structure by design?

Which God advised him too do so?

God told Noah to build an ark.

Souls are trapped and I see Julius Caesar and demons. Could the condominium and hotel be a housing unit for dead souls, acting as a cemetary? I ask this question because mummies were found beneath the pyramids, and by the way the land is positioned, souls would be housed in a nearby area.


Before I write further, I would like you to know that we are in several dimensions. What you do here in the 3rd dimension, you are doing on a broader scale elsewhere, in a higher dimension, in a place that looks almost identical to where you are right now, except the concept of what you are doing, is expanded there. The color is richer, the land is brighter. Here, in 3D, you only capture a hint of reality.

That knowledge poses a problem because if souls are trapped inside the structure, and I am inside a structure almost identical to what I saw, both buildings are connected in some way, and it means that I am very close to finding that structure, or maybe I am standing there, inside the ancient building. The souls need their freedom.

I hear these souls cry sometimes and I see what is done to them. They are under hypnosis by ancient egyptians and when you view them the color they are in is not of this world, it almost looks fake. But they are all working under a spell and their movements look like a slow fast-forward by VCR. This is very important to our people and I write this out of concern from the knowledge I received with a past spiritual awakening God gave me.

I captured more photos in the lobby:

The staff could not tell me who these people are. I said I would just do the research myself.

Take a look at this photo:

This woman removed a mask, she holds it in her hand.

Do you know what this means? This woman, from my understanding had satan, a demon or ghost on her face, and played other people (appeared as someone else). She played the game, she walked around looking as a different person to hide from people and the enemy. The bible says we can use the enemy if we get him in our grasp. If the enemy is bothering you it is time to bother him back. There was another section in the condo that had a chess board game setup.

Who does this look like?

This looks very much like the portrait of the God we call Jesus. I took this photo by the elevator. You can find the above canvas on the left entrance of the building.

I found a Black Panther coffee shop inside of the building. The Black Panther is a beast.

In one of the lobbies sits an old historical book on astronomy. The book is rested wide open on the front desk inside the lobby.

The picture below proves that when a new star forms, the Gods come looking for us-specically, our God. This book proves that it is all science here-and that the spritiual awakening is the scientif method, and that God reads our findings and results of our assignment. Look below, Hipparchus runs a survey when a new star forms. We are stars, and they  notice you if you break the Matrix. God finds you. It is like an alarm that rings in Heaven.

The first few pages show the Titan God, Atlas, holding up the World.

What follows after are pictures of our Moon in quadrants, pictures of Gods, Horoscopes and beasts.

I took photos of the book, but it was taken with other footage. I will try to locate the author and post the information here.

I stepped outside of the building and headed to the courtyard because space and placement is important when in proximity of the building.

Now remember from information provided by this post Don’t act like them, that the enemy is used to ward you off. The enemy is used to make you flee, run away, because the enemy likes to coverup and hide Gods treasure. Anytime you are confronted with or step into a place that is filthy, smelly, trashy, moldy or warped, it is satan.

On the right of IconBrickell is a Historical Monument that is used as a urinal station for pets.

It smells like a barn, and I would have turned away and left if I were not in a place of importance. I was in a place that meant something to history, there are ties linked that we need to unravel here.

In the above video I show you what lies behind the Orion depiction.

As I faced this statue, I stood in

Below is a druid circle.

This is what the Holy Place looks like for the Gaelic, Celtic and Scottish. Ritual magic would be performed to travel back and forth in time, and to protect the firmament from the fairy realm and other dimensions being like the Tuatha De’ Danaan. They would make it a habit of praying around this circle on certain days of the year, such as: Halloween to ensure the safety of their communities.

To the left of IconBrickell, you will see a small depiction of the Roman Empire inside of the Mary Brickell Village. Mary Brickell might be The Virgin Mary from another time.

The Mary Brickell sign:

There sits a church to the left of Mary:

Take a look at this statue of Mary Brickell. To search for Jesus by using your wizardry nature, you seek symbols and signs:

The first name says Druid

According to Brickellmag.com, you will find Classical Mythology all around the Brickell neighborhood, think of it as a peace offering between Europe and America.

During this second visit back to IconBrickell, I came upon these signs that led me to where I needed to be, like a trail of secrets:

Infinity eight: Cycle of death and rebirth. If you do not break the matrix and get out, you reincarnate and come back here to 3D per this book and Hindu teachings. 3D is for assignments only.

The following photos are additionals I captured while in Brickell, Fl.

You will find these around the neighborhood

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