Hi Everyone!

All day I have been in a very low vibration. It started last night when I planned to continue writing what I found. I had a demon warn me not to eat and to leave. He had a dog red face, I saw fire. He wore a black long cape. I ate a salmon dinner from TGI’S.

Then after watching The Little Mermaid I passed out. I do not remember how I passed out but what I can tell you is that there are two men,and a red headed woman who I would consider to be terrorists, behind it.

Okay, maybe I am taking it too far, right? They work for the enemy, and are forcing themselves on me and others.

Allow me to explain.

I revisited the Historic Landmark yesterday. On the ride back to the hotel where I am staying, I saw a bald arabian man in my vision along with another arabian who I believe is retarded. Why do I call him retarded?

His demon was attached to my third eye. When that happens, I can read his point of you. 

I recorded footage yesterday, and picked up my phone to watch the video I recorded. In his perspective, this retarded arabian imagined that he put a knife to my forehead, he kept calling me ugly etc. I got the impression that he is kind of like one of those men in Afganishtan that beats on his wife, and throws acid on the faces of women. That is the “vibe”  I received yesterday in a lower vibration.

Then I heard the 3 of them say we are going to lose, she almost got in. And, they claim to have worked for the president.

Lastnight, whoever the retarded one is, placed some heavy curses on me. They are the ones raping women in this place I talked about yesterday in my post. In another post, I talked about how I heard a man crying. That “man” crying is apart of their “crew”.

The retarded one is really a white alien man who looks arabian, said I am his wife and watch me make her do what I want. On the bed in my hotel room,I passed out after placing a call to the concierge.

Before passing out, I heard him tell another woman shut up bitch and take off your clothes.


When I mention lower vibration, it means that my subconscious and head space is in the wrong place. Think of a white cloud merging with a black cloud of evil.

The beings or demon alien people I speak of are in another dimension where a civilization exists, playing God and brainwashing people.

I keep going in and out of frequencies, because they do not approve of what I am telling you. All day yesterday they were telling me to solve what Jesus was trying to tell me so that they can get into the dimension where Jesus is, to cause a war.

And all lastnight, they harassed me in my room. My response was I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, what you gave me is nothing, all you did was take from me, and I will never listen to Satan.

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